8 Expert Tips To Clear CEH Exam In First Attempt

8 Expert Tips To Clear CEH Exam In First Attempt


With the Covid 19 pandemic ravaging the country, more and more businesses have had to shift online. While many businesses struggle to get their feet off the ground in the online sphere, organizations that help in IT training and obtaining ethical hacker certification have been around the block.


Whether you are getting your ethical hacker certification or an Azure certification, these online educational centres have you covered with all the prep material and concepts you need. Not a stranger to online learning; they have perfected their course material before teaching you.

8 Things To Know If You Want To Pass The CEH Examination

Given below are the top 8 things you need to know, which are also the tips that will help you clear the CEH examination successfully.

Practical Knowledge 

Using real-world situations to help study will ensure you understand the concepts better. Thus, allowing you to grasp them more fully and recall them quickly during the cybersecurity certifications examination.

Predict The Pattern And Study Accordingly

The test aims to make candidates display essential skills as per the syllabus and then evaluate them. The difficulty of the tests is determined by leading ethical hackers in their field and the criteria for passing.

There are many websites available online that focus on predicting the pattern. While they may not be accurate, they can give you a clue as to how the paper will be structured. Studying according to the pattern, which means giving more attention to areas with higher mark weightage, is how you will pass the exam.

#1 Stay Focused

Staying focused will significantly benefit you, especially if you are balancing a full-time job while studying for the examination. Setting deadlines and completing self-made assignments within that limited time is one of the best ways to make sure you are on track.


These are just a few simple ways you can be well prepared for your exam if you don’t want to take assistance from a training centre or take up a related course. If you have time, you can take up these tips along with learning from an online or offline course as well.

#2 Make A Study Plan And A Study Group

The process of studying and applying for the ethical hacker certification can cost quite a bit. So whether you are going with a training partner or not, you should consider making a study plan. Being disciplined while following this plan will only help you prep properly.

Another method that has a lot of success is making study groups with other candidates applying for the same exam. Exchanging notes and clearing doubts with them is much more helpful than any study material you can buy.

#3 CEH Exam Pattern

While preparing, it is crucial to study the exam while also covering the syllabus. Sometimes knowing is not enough; you have to budget in time to finish the exam with time to spare.
The CEH exam offered by the EC council is an MCQ test of 125 questions. The test duration is 4 hours, and all the 125 MCQ questions have to be answered.

#4 Practice Exams

Practice exams are an essential tool when prepping for any exam; they let you know your strong points and your weak points, ensuring you spend adequate time on each. Taking practice tests during this time will also help you see which areas your knowledge is lacking in.

#5 Start Early

Sometimes it just boils down to who is better prepared and smarter and not who has understood the concepts better. The extra time you spend in prep will significantly benefit you when the time comes.

#6 Ask For Help

Do not be afraid to ask for help, especially when you need it. Either from your IT training partner or an online community of aspiring ethical hackers.


Going with Koenig Solutions as your IT training partner is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. Not only do they provide extensive study material which will help you pass the exam, but through their practical approach, they give you a significant boost to get your career of ethical hacking off the ground.
The ethical hacking course offered by Koenig Solutions is specially crafted for those juggling work and trying to be a CEH for maximum knowledge retention.



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