Ways Of Analysing Affiliate Links Performance

Analysing Affiliate Links Performance: Building The Right Affiliate Strategy

The performance of affiliate link promotion depends on the type of interaction you have with your audience, as well as on the influence you have in the online community.



Also, it might be a matter of preference choosing one strategy and not the other. In this article, I want to talk about ways of analysing Affiliate link performance. 


It is crucial to monitor affiliate marketing efforts and to evaluate the performance of this type of online marketing. The most relevant statistics you need to keep an eye on are the following:


The products that get most clicks/conversions

Monitor the data above for each type of promotion to conclude if one (or several) of these show outstanding performance and are able to generate the highest number of conversions.


This evaluation can show if certain products perform better than the rest, and it can also show the type of promotion that gets most conversions.



It can also be used to find out more about your audience and how each of these approaches is effective among those users.


For example, some products might be particularly popular among users from a specific location. Or a product mention strategy might be converting better than a banner. All of this can greatly influence your planning and the road you will take with developing your affiliate marketing strategy even further.


• The number of clicks
• The number of conversions
• The data about those who click (age group, gender, location, etc.)


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