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Understanding Bidding Process In Video Ads



In this article, I want to talk more about what you need to know about the bidding process in Video Ads. With your targeting in place, we can now plan our bidding strategy. There are three bidding approaches available on the GDN:




  1. Default bids:
  • If you don’t set specific bids for your targeting, AdWords will use your ad group’s default bid that you have set when creating your Ad group.


  • AdWords also uses your default ad group bid when you don’t have custom bids enabled or you have custom bids that don’t apply to where your ad is being shown.


  1. Custom bids:
  • Use custom bids if you want to set bids for an individual targeting method in your ad group. You can set these as max CPC or max vCPM.


  • You can set a custom bid on each of the targeting options in the GDN. For example, you can set a max CPC bid on a specific placement. If the user is on that placement, you will be bidding with a higher bid than on other placements that your ad is being shown. Or if you place a customer bid on a certain topic, if the page where your ad is shown matches that topic, your ad will be using a higher bid than for other topics and so forth.


  • When you implement a custom bid, AdWords will use this bid on the GDN and not your default bid if the criteria match.


  • Note, that you can only set a custom bid on one targeting method in each ad group, so it’s important that the customer bid choice matches your advertising goals.


  1. Bid adjustments:
  • Bid adjustments allow for better control over when and where your ad appears.


  • Bid adjustments allow you to increase or decrease the bid amount for a specific targeting that is used of the max CPC or max vCPM in the ad auction.


  • A Bid adjustment is a percentage change in your bid and is applied on top of the bids that AdWords uses to show your ad, either your custom bids or your ad group bid if you have not set a custom bid.


  • A bid adjustment for any ad-group level targeting method can be set from -90% to +900%


  • A bid adjustment can be set at the campaign level for the time of day, specific days, location and/or device.


  • You can also set this at the ad group level for individual targeting methods and top content but you can’t have bid adjustments and custom bids for the same targeting method.


  • You can set a device bid adjustment on both the campaign and ad group levels.


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