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Lukasz Zelezny: His Tips On How To Become A Successful Blogger


Here are some of the Blogging Success Tips from B Lukasz Zelezny, The CEO of SEO B2B Consultant,

#1 Try some online courses

Do you remember the periodic table from primary school? The first and kind of immortal infographic. So what does it mean for you as someone entering the exciting world of SEO?
Try to look at the SEO Periodic Table.


This is pretty much one of the first slides when I am presenting to people who never heard (or heard very little) about SEO. Search Engine Land did an amazing job.


When you start digesting information from SEO Periodic Table you will become more and more curious. Then you can go to YouTube or Udemy where you can see lots of free and paid courses (but be picky, because some of them are better than others), and finally where you can pay for the subscription and receive access to a huge amount of video courses. Hope that helps 🙂




#2 Redirect the subdomains

I have several aha moments every night sitting in my kitchen where there is 7 empty chairs and me on the 8th (I choose kitchen because like to be close to the fridge). It’s 4:30 am and I discover something, and then another thing, and another…

I’ve done lots of experiments recently. I discovered, for example, that bringing subdomains back to the main domain with 1:1 301 redirections (e.g. to may give a tremendous boost to organic traffic.

We are not talking about a sum of traffic from the subdomain(s) and the main domain. We are talking about incredible synergy where traffic may grow exponentially. One of the reasons is that there is a huge aggregation of backlinks for the old website.

Patrick Coombe

Founder of Elite Strategies

#1 Start with a lean website

My #1 piece of advice to any beginner is to make your website lean, responsive, and helpful. Lean, meaning not cluttered from a design and UX perspective, and loads fast. Less is more these days, stick to a basic theme and colours.

Responsive meaning it works across all devices. And helpful in that it actually helps your target user do what you are trying to do. If it’s a local electrician, make it easy to find the phone number, address and reviews. Once you are confident those tasks at hand are attended to, you can start plugging away at on-page and backlinks.

#2  Make your sites for people, not robots

One universal truth that Google has been saying probably since the beginning is: make your sites for people, not robots.

Far too many people try to “do SEO” for Googlebot and end up with a penalty, crawl errors or some other unintended consequence. I’ll be honest, in the past 5 years or so my techniques have remained the same for the most part.

I can’t even remember my latest aha moment, but I’m constantly reminded of these universal truths on a daily basis.

Dominic Wells

Founder of Human Proof Designs

#1 Learn, test, learn…

Make sure you read as many different sources as you can, and when things contradict each other, always be testing.
SEO does take time to learn especially as you have to wait a few months to see the results of your work (if you ever do see results), so it makes sense to keep testing and learning.

#2  Google is better at recognizing the intent

I feel the truth that is most important right now is how Google is fundamentally changing in one direction, and everybody is looking in the other direction.

Essentially, the summer updates seem to have been about how Google is much better at understanding the intent behind searches now, and is also able to test different results based on different potential intents.

Meanwhile, everyone else thinks it was about E-A-T, when it really wasn’t. There’s a good opportunity here to get ahead of the curve while others are slow to catch up.

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Action Point

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