Child Abuse. RCCG Sunday School Manual

Child Abuse. RCCG Sunday School Manual



Memory Verse: “But whoso shall offend one of those little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a milestone were hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea”– Matt. 18:6.

Bible Passage: Mark 10:13-16.



According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, a child is a “young person especially between infancy and youth”. Child abuse is any maltreatment of a child which causes him/her harm . Such action can also take the form of child neglect or failure to protect a child from danger especially by a parent or other caregivers. The Bible tells us that whosoever harm a child is asking for God’s anger (Mark 9:42). 

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Children are precious to God and must be well taken care of (Psalms 127:3). Basically, child abuse can be physical ,sexual or emotional.


Physical Abuse: Can be the excessive beating of a child (especially one that leaves him/her with marks), throwing objects, poising , child labour (trafficking , hawking), neglecting to give the child basic necessities of life such as food , clothing, shelter, education , health care etc. It also includes the use of drugs , alcohol or any substance that will cause the child distress (1 Kings 3:19; 25-26; Mark 9:42). 


Sexual Abuse: This is when any person engages a child in any sexual activity such as fondling a child sexual organ, engaging the child in any immoral activity e.g pornography , rape , defilement of the child etc (2 Sam. 13:10-15).


Emotional/ Psychological abuse: Includes teasing, bullying, threatening , verbal abuse, (such as cursing , belittling , constantly finding fault), etc. (1 Samuel 17:26-28; Col. 3:21). 



These are some of the signs that a child is being abused: aggressive behavior, low self-esteem, sleeping difficulties, unexplained bruises, burns or swellings, lack of concentration, and criminal inclination. Child abuse may eventually leads to deformation or death. 


Prevention of Child Abuse may take the following forms: 

  1. Early education , identification and intervention. 
  2. Break the silence, report any abuse.
  3. Train a child in a godly way. (Prov. 22:6).
  4. It is not every wrong that should be met with capital punishment. 

CONCLUSION: Child abuse is a menace that must be dealt with holistically in the fear of God. 


  1. Mention three (3) forms of Child Abuse. 
  2. State at least two ways of preventing child abuse. 

Give five (5) reasons people abuse children. (2×5=10 Marks). 



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