6 Tips For Choosing And Organising Creative Concepts

6 Tips For Choosing And Organising Creative Concepts

Are you stuck on creative concepts and ways to get any work done online? Many companies struggle with how to get their websites in order, whether it is just a blog or a full-blown website filled with interactive features. A problem many businesses face is that they do not know where to start, or what direction to take. However, there are many ways to get creative ideas for your website and still deliver a professional product or service. Here are a few things you might consider and several questions you might ask yourself:


What is my message? Make sure you communicate your message clearly from the start. Do not assume your potential customers will understand you or have an inkling of what it is you are trying to say. Use creative concepts, visual communication strategy, and graphics to support your main message. If you cannot make a clear call to action, you may be missing out on one of the most important aspects of internet marketing, which is the communication strategy. Always take care to communicate your goals, ideas, and mission with the customer or client first.



What is your audience? Every successful company has an audience. You might consider your audience when coming up with creative concepts. There are several components that go into creating an ideal customer base including demographics, current buying habits, purchasing preferences and purchasing power, etc. Remember, you do not need to be Einstein to create a winning advertisement.


What are my options and how are they related? Your options are many when it comes to the best way to implement a new concept. It can be as easy as incorporating a few interactivity elements, such as video, graphics, social media integration, and/or a combination of these. The key is to have a strong idea and then develop your creative concepts to work across multiple platforms and across multiple industries.


How will I know if this campaign is a winner or not? Success is often relative and depending on your budget, target audience and creative concepts, you may not be a winner. It helps to monitor your campaign statistics and track any successes or setbacks as they occur.


Is your concept easy to execute? An easy-to-perform creative concept is easier to start and maintain than one that’s challenging to implement. There are several online and offline resources that offer tips and advice for different platforms, sizes, and lengths of campaigns. Use them wisely to gain insight as to what works and what doesn’t.


Is your campaign relevant? If you are marketing a digital product or service, it is more relevant to design with modern web design tools and technologies in mind. The same goes for any other online or offline campaign.


Are your creative concepts visible, interesting, and engaging? Visibility is critical. If your campaign isn’t visible to your target audience, chances are they won’t find it. Entertaining, interesting, and engaging will get your message out there.


Do you get feedback from your participants immediately? Getting feedback right away on your creative work is crucial. Sometimes a session or idea can be just a dry run, but if you get an immediate response, your participants will want to work with you again. This makes a session or idea stand out from the rest.


How easy is it to communicate with your brainstorming session participants? Can they describe your work in detail and clearly explain what the project is about? This way, brainstorming sessions can go more smoothly. A clear description of the assignment will help participants to get excited about the work you’ve given them. This will increase their interest and help you get results.

Are you able to solicit ideas from your brainstorming session participants? Ask open-ended questions about their ideas and potential as individual contributors. You can also solicit ideas from the brainstorming session team. This will help you to develop new ideas or to incorporate other people’s ideas into your work.


Is the facilitator accessible and easy to reach at times? If you are a facilitator, you will want to be able to reach all of your participants at some point during the session. Be sure you know how many participants you will be working with before you choose a facilitator. If you do not know how many participants you will be working with, consider the number of audience members that are available to accommodate you and select the facilitator that works best with your group size.



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