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Consumer Services – A Good Career Path

Consumer Services:  A Good Career Path



Consumer services are one of the most in-demand industries when it comes to careers, but some people may not understand why that’s the case. There are several reasons why starting a career in this industry is such an attractive idea, including incredibly high demand, steady job growth and competitive salaries. If you want to know more about why this industry holds so much potential, read on!


Career Opportunities

A career in the consumer service industry is not only satisfying but also has many benefits that can enhance your quality of life. For example, you may have the opportunity to work with people and make decisions that impact their lives in positive ways. In addition, because consumer service companies are often looking for professionals who are customer-focused and well-organized, you may have an easier time finding employment than if you were looking for a job in other industries.


Should You go For it?

Are you looking for a rewarding and fulfilling job? Consumer service careers can offer good job security, income potential, and more. These jobs are in high demand in today’s economy. If you’re considering taking this route, here are the top reasons why it might be the best path for you:
1) It offers diverse opportunities to work with many different kinds of people.
2) The skills required to do well in these positions make them valuable to employers.
3) You may have the opportunity to go into management or executive roles if you work hard enough.
4) Most importantly, there is always an abundance of work available as consumer demand continues to grow every year.



What Kind of Qualifications do You Need?

-Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Marketing, or a related field.
-Must be able to work well with people.
-Proficiency in Excel and Microsoft Office is required -Experience in customer service, sales, marketing and management is preferred but not mandatory.
-Self-starter who can manage their own time.
-Detail-oriented individual who can maintain the confidentiality of information.


Where Can I Get Experience?

One of the best ways to get experience in consumer services is to volunteer your time and skills. You can offer your help at a local organization or by getting involved with your child’s school. If you want to develop specific skills, enrol in classes that teach these competencies.

Online courses are also available for those who are unable to take classes due to work or family obligations. Certifications are available through the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) as well as an online certificate program from New York University called Certificate in Consumer Services Management.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs related to advertising, marketing and sales will grow rapidly over the next decade. Sales workers should be able to expect a median annual salary of $49,000 per year; advertising managers should expect $113,000 annually.


What is The Growth Potential?

There is a lot of potential in the consumer service industry. For example, customer service representatives are projected to experience a growth rate of 12% from 2016-2026. With an ageing population, there will be increasing demand for healthcare and social assistance jobs as well.


How Much Can I Make?

There is no set salary range for employees in the consumer service industry. Instead, wages depend on which industry the business falls under, and whether or not they are full-time or part-time.

For example, an individual who works as a customer service representative in the tourism industry can make between $18,000 and $28,000 annually. Alternatively, someone who takes care of the front desk at a hotel can make an average salary of $34,000 per year.\


Can I Work From Home?

Yes, many jobs in the consumer services industry allow you to work from home. However, these positions are often more difficult to come by and will require more dedication and effort on your part. As with any industry, the more experience and qualifications you have, the better your chances of success.

Can My Spouse/Partner Join me on This Journey?
Starting your own business is an exciting adventure and it can be even more fun if you have someone to go with you on the journey. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow together as well as spend more time together.


You should carefully discuss your idea with them before making a decision about whether or not to start the business. It is important that they are fully supportive of you, especially when times get tough.


Is There Training Available if Needed?

There is training available to help you learn the skills and knowledge needed to start in this field. For example, there are trade schools, community colleges, online courses, and many other sources of information that can teach you what you need to know.



Action Point
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