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Differences Between Customer Centricity and Product Centricity: Practical Examples


In the business world, a business can focus on any of the three areas available in the business world.


These are customers, products or channels. In the developed world, more organisations are now focusing on customers because businesses are now becoming more customer-focused because businesses are now becoming more customers driven.


This has been making organizations become more focused on customers as they can not afford to be left behind.



Here, we want to juxtapose customer-centric enterprises and product-centric enterprises in order to see their focus and their mode of operation.



In a product-centric enterprise, its focus is to increase its market share and control a large percentage of the market.


Employees in such organisations are not rewarded based on the number of new customers that they introduced but based on the volume of sales they are able to make.


This organisation view failure or progress in terms of its volume of sales in a particular year under review.



In a customer-centric enterprise on the other hand, less emphasis is placed on product as the organisation is more concerned about acquiring new customers and raising the exit barrier for their existing customers.


They always try to find avenues of increasing their customers’ experience so as to prevent losing customers to their competitors.



In a product-centric enterprise, the focus is placed on products. The organization is more concerned about ways of producing at a cheaper rate and increasing the profit margin.


They want to find better ways of convincing customers to buy their products so as to close deals at the shortest time possible.



On the other hand, a customer-centric enterprise is more concerned about increasing the profitability of its customers.


They want to make sure that they add values to their customers and increase their value.


They are always looking for better ways of increasing their customer values and putting them at the centre of the organization’s existence.



In a product-centric enterprise, the organization is more concerned with churning out quality products so as to increase its market share.


They want to come up with quality products so as to force their competitors out of the market.



In a customer-centric enterprise, the organisation is more concerned about ensuring that its customers get the best out of their transactions with the organisation.


In order to achieve this, the organisation tries to put in place support and services platforms which are aimed at resolving customer issues.


They ensure that customers’ issues and challenges are resolved completely.



So far in this article, we have looked at customer-centric enterprise and we came to the conclusion that it is aimed at making sure that organizational businesses are done from the customers’ perspective.



We also said that in a customer-centric enterprise, profit is not an immediate concern. 


The organisation tries to delight its customer by coining us with products and services coupled with strategies that will make customers more loyal to the organisation. 


This in turn will lead to more profits in the long run.



Above all, we said that a CCE always comes~ ~ with a superior brand promise, which is always supported with superior proc acts and services.


They also have to come up with marketing plans which are targ’t’2d at specific customers.


In a CCE, customers have to be treated differently. Profitable customers are given more preferential treatment than nominal ones.



Brainstorming Session

  1. What does it mean for an organisation to be customer-centred?
  2. Why is it that organisations mostly in third world countries are afraid of doing business from customers’ perception?
  3. “Customers’ satisfaction is employees’ satisfaction” Discuss.

4   Discuss Customers’ perspectives on CCEs.




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