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Why Your CV Is Not Enough For Job Placement (And Way Forward)

One of the greatest mistake people make when it comes to job hunting is believing that there CV is sufficient enough to get them a job….
Escuse me sir/ma , Your CV is NOT a golden ticket to job offers.
This is why you can hire a CV writer and still not get hired.
are you shocked?
This is why you can stay up until 2 a.m. Monday to Friday working on your CV and still not get hired.
This is why you can tell yourself, “All I need to do is make it to the interview,” make it to the interview and still not get hired.

Catching my drift?

You can have a pretty CV, with nice colors and copied and pasted words but if you don’t know your value, it won’t do much for you.
You have to know exactly why you believe you’re the right person for the roles you’re pursuing.
You need to know the stories, accomplishments, results, and examples that showcase the value you can bring to the position.
You should not expect your CV to do all the storytelling for you. And, you shouldn’t expect the interviewer to remember every single thing they read on your CV just because they read it the first time and decided to interview you.
You’ve got to get good at knowing why you’re good and you need to be able to communicate those things as easily as you can tell someone your phone number.
When you study yourself and get good at communicating your value on-paper and in-person, you’ll increase your chances of moving from application to interview to job offer.
One of the probable reasons your CV is not getting you interviews is because you are more interested in listing your technical skills, educational background, and certifications.
I recently discovered that many interviewers are more interested in your “soft skills” and how you have used them in your previous work experiences. But most of us just list our soft skills without showing them.
Instead of just stating on your CV that you are a team player, great communicator or that you have leadership skills, you need to use action words in describing what you have achieved with those skills.
These descriptions should be highlighted under what you did in your previous workplace.

Here are a few examples to guide you:

1. To show critical thinking as a skill, use action words like Analyze, Design, Implement. (E.g. Analyzed customer data to design a new workflow for the UX team).
2. To show time management as a skill, use words like Prioritize, Delegate, Meet Deadlines. (E.g. Managed multiple client projects through consistent prioritization and delegation).
3. To show communication as a skill, use words like Presenting, Negotiating, Engagement. (E.g. Facilitate and present monthly training to the customer service team).
4. To show leadership as a skill, use words like Mentor, Lead, Manage. (E.g. Designed and led the implementation of quarterly objectives for XYZ project).
5. To show teamwork as a skill, you should use words like Collaborate, Support, Contribute. (E.g. Collaborated with the marketing team to create relevant social media communication for XYZ product.).
These are one of the key things that make your CV look professional and proves that you have real experience which will get any interviewer wanting to talk to you.
Please note that you can use this even as a fresh graduate. Just ensure that you have engaged yourself in lots of volunteering experiences and other relevant projects that gave you the opportunity to express these skills.
In all, be productive wherever you are, so you can have something tangible to add to your CV or talk about at interviews.
Wishing you all the best as you put out your CVs again this week.


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