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How to Add Google Reviews to Your Website

The reliance on online reviews is growing massively when choosing the kind of business people want to employ. More than 80% of the individuals have their faith vested in what people have to say about the brand; it is almost as powerful as word-of-mouth marketing. 


Google facilitates the consumer to write reviews. These are then displayed on the company’s Google business listing. When users are trying to find out more about your business, they can simply read the reviews on Google and know from the past customer experience. 


Businesses can also add Google reviews to your website. To know how you can do it and why you should be doing it, keep reading. 


If you copy and paste the reviews on the website, you hamper the post’s legitimacy, and you can run into conflicts for doing so. However, smarter ways of doing this are listed below for you to do it correctly. 

Social Media Aggregators

Social media aggregators collect data from your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Later to collecting, it curates and moderates it, which means it filters out the irrelevant and abusive data from what’s relevant to the brand, customizes it as per the brand’s requirements, and displays it anywhere on the website. 

Tools like Taggbox Widget and Tag Embed help you in achieving what you seek. 
Taggbox Widget is undoubtedly one of the best tools you can employ to add Google review widget to your website. It is a UGC platform, which makes displaying Google reviews on the website easy. The process of embedding Google reviews is divided into two parts:

  • By creating Google Reviews Widget
  • Embedding Google Reviews On The Website



  1. Create an account on the Taggbox widget or log in to an already existing one. 
  2. After logging in, you will notice a dashboard. Here you will have four easy steps to create and add Google reviews on your website. Now click on the add social feeds option to fetch feeds in your widget. 
  3. Choose ‘Google Review’ as the origin from amongst the different social media platforms displayed on the pop-up. 
  4. A different pop-up will appear asking you to choose your location to derive Google reviews and then click on the ‘create widget’ option. 
  5. Taggbox Widget will automatically fetch all the Google reviews and turn them into a unified feed.
  6. After the feed is created, you can also customize, moderate, and gain insights through engagement and web analytics. 


After customizing the reviews, you need to embed them on your website. 

  1. On the lower-left corner of the edit page, you will find a ‘PUBLISH’ button; click on it. 
  2. You will find a list of multiple website building options appearing on the screen. Choose from amongst your preferred options. 
  3. Adjust your Google Reviews feed’s height and width as per the web page segment where you want to embed it. And then click on the ‘GET’ button. 
  4. Just copy and paste the code generated on the backend of your website and apply the changes. 



  • Social Proof

Before making purchase decisions, consumers lookout for social proof. According to stats, 85% of the consumers go across approximately 10 reviews while making up their minds. 
When the social proof is just in front of them on the website, why would they want to go somewhere else to know about the past users’ experiences? 

If they want to purchase your brand but first read the reviews, they need not dilly-dally around, impacting their stimulation to buy. 

  • SEO Performance

Online reviews play an essential role in your SEO ranking efforts. It is because they have the potential to affect your local rankings, customers’ purchase decisions, and click-through rates. Embedding Google reviews on your website can give the users quick access to accurate information, which helps them form their opinion about the purchase.
Local search engines pick up websites that users turn to repeatedly due to their high-velocity reviews. 

  • Seller Rating

Google Seller Ratings is a special extension of Google Adwords that showcases other buyers’ trust in your business. Your out of five scores will appear under the headline and URL of your pay-per-click ad. 
Research shows that more than 60% of the searches click on GSR ads when seeking their decision to make a purchase. Furthermore, GSR can enhance your click-through rate, which positively impacts your website’s quality score while also reducing your cost-per-click. 

  • Builds Trust

Embedding Google reviews on your website can help in gaining the trust of your user. When they see positive reviews and well-responded negative reviews, potential users find a level of comfort in using the products and services provided by the brand. 

  • Marketing To The Millennials

Apart from trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations, a major part of the millennial population trusts online reviews more than they trust tv ads. Now, if this isn’t ringing a bell in your ears, you are missing out on the amazing impact Google reviews have on your business. Also, they are more cost-effective than the ads that are played on television making embedding on websites a better option. 

Over To You

When embedded on your website, Google reviews make a lot of difference in how your users perceive your brand. Use Taggbox Widget or Tagembed to embed the Google reviews widget on your website and derive all the amazing benefits it has. 

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