How To Create Project Concept Definition Statement

Creating A Project Concept Definition Statement (+Examples)


In my previous article, I talked about all that you should know about Project Concept Definition Statement. In this article, I want to talk about how to create a project concept definition statement. Follow me as we are going to look at that together in this article.


To build a solid definition of the project concept, you have to follow the following guidelines:



# 1 Identify the Organisational Structure type:

If you are functioning in a matrix management environment, take special care to determine who has resource authority and who is accountable for Organisational performance. For example, if it is the responsibility of the sales department or Operations department.

#2 Identify initial stakeholders

Stakeholders are people who will be affected positively or negatively by your project. The main thing here is that you cannot identify all stakeholders at once. You need to continue to update your Stakeholders register so that you continue to bring more stakeholders to the project.

#3 Understand stakeholders

You have to interview stakeholders to determine their understanding of the problem or opportunity.

Of an individual will not be affected by the outcome of the project or will not be contributing resources to the project but has many opinions, he or she should be classified as an interested party and excused from the process.

#4 Document the evidence

There is a need for you to also gather and document the evidence. The stakeholders are using a great deal of anecdotal evidence, such as time studies, financial data, and marketing information, to support their perception, and take special care to look for hard evidence of the problem or opportunity that supports or disapproves of their positions.

#5 General Definition

You also need to draft a general definition of the problem or opportunity which must be written in clear business terms.

If the definition of the problem or opportunity is written in technical terms, go back to step three and ask for the definition in business terms. That means it must make sense to the management in terms of how much are we investing and how much are we going to make in return.

#6 Desired outcomes

After you might have concluded the desired outcomes in business terms, you need to now write down a summary statement that clearly explains what the project actually wants to achieve at the end of the day.

#7 Defined metrics

It is a general belief that whatever cannot be measured is not yet a project. In writing your project concept definition statement, you have to define metrics or goals that will indicate the future state.

If you cannot define whether the project will be successful, either the current or the future state has not been clearly defined, requiring that you complete the previous steps.

#8 Move benefits

There is a need to also highlight the Organisational benefits of moving from the current state to the future state. The organization needs to realize where they are now and how they plan to get to where it wants to be. Without highlighting the benefits, there will be nothing to spur them to move forward.

#9 Build consensus

Also, there is a need for you to build consensus around the project concept definition with Stakeholders. Please not that not every stakeholder is going to agree with every item in the project concept definition, besides a consensus does not mean agreement.


Facilitation is a group dynamics process that is used to enhance communication and reduce conflict by allowing parties to talk effectively. It is used to help a group identify and accomplish its goals.

Facilitating stakeholder decisions enables a project manager to gather and review the evidence and impact data, to gain a clear picture of what the problem or opportunity is and enable stakeholders’ consensus as to the nature of the problem or opportunity.

Consensus building

Consensus building is the construction of a general agreement or judgement regarding a particular issue or point. When constructing the concept definition, a general agreement about the current state and the desired future state is necessary for most of those involved.

It is desirable to have a unanimous agreement regarding the concept definition, but it is not a requirement for a consensus to be achieved.


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