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Pillow Boxes: A Great Way to Promote Your Products and Your Business

With time there is a lot of growth in the packaging sector, and it comes up with new and unique ideas. A time businesses used the square brown cardboard box for their items, but now the game has changed.


Buyers always buy the items because of their display rather than the quality of the items. This bitter truth makes all businesses look for ways to create engaging cases for their things. Because of this, pillow boxes are in high demand.


These cases look like small cute pillows with or without windows. In fact, you can pick these boxes for any purpose.



Pillow Boxes and Branding

It is a high competition time and vital for every brand to make their special and unique marketplaces. In the sector, you can find various types and styles of custom cases for unique packages. Each kind of the boxes has its own values and offers endless benefits.

But for positive factors, custom pillow boxes are becoming a novel trend in the sector. These kraft boxes give a new packaging solution that holds a vital part in making the items stand out and appealing.



Wholesale boxes give the best packaging pick that is best for adding beauty and value to the things that are present inside the cases. It is easy to make and offers a memorable unboxing experience. Here are the tips by which you can make the pillow box the perfect means to promote business and items.



The Perfect Stuff for the pillow boxes

If you want to boost your business with this new and unique pillow style, then do not ignore the material’s value. It is because the security of the items also matters. All the factors like pricing, windows panes, and there are no use if the package fails to secure the object. For pillowcases following two types of material are best:

  • cardboard sheet
  • kraft

Use above mentioned stuff in its best forms, and even if you pick its thinness type, it offers the best protection.
This stuff’s benefits do not end here because it is eco-friendly, which is the marvellous thing about it. You can :

  • reuse
  • recycle

If you talk about cardboard being very flexible, you can modify it in your choices of size and shape. Both the stuff is an excellent picks for pillowcases.



Affordable Branding and making

Custom pillow packaging is always giving high-quality and affordable packing solutions to your businesses. What do you want more from your work; the profit without any high investment? The bespoke cases must be your best pick in this manner because it is affordable to make, and the printing tech makes it the best marketing solution.



You can customize any pattern because endless choices are accessible that fit your budget. Furthermore, there are many print picks, such as: digital and offset printing. So, here pick the one that goes best with your finances.



These custom boxes making cost you less because:

  • It consists of cardboard or kraft paper
  • The kraft boxes consist of the pulp of pine trees or old recycled cases.
  • The preparation price is low
  • Reduce the cost of shipping as they can be stacked on each other easily and take less space for storage.

The Add-ons Makes the Boxes Eye- Catching

The buyer buys what he sees, so here, you need a custom pillow box for your business. Not only does it have a lovely shape, but the add-ons make it more charming and beautiful in this manner. You must be thinking, why spend some extra bucks on details like windows, prints, and others? It is one of the biggest misconceptions about packaging.


People praise the shape of the pillowcase and the pattern, windows, and other stuff on it. Believe it, or not users always notice the display of the item.


To promote your business with custom pillow boxes, the add-on works as the backbone of it. I ti si because it gives an impactful appearance to the packaging. You can pick one from the following:

  • lamination
  • foiling
  • die-cut window
  • colours

If you are using the brown kraft box, adding the die-cut window to the case makes it more appealing. Also, modify the edges of the kraft pillow container with foil.
You can pick any of the choices from the above choices for cardboard stuff because it is a highly flexible material.



Easy to Use:

Here comes the most fantastic factor of the pillowcases that is these cases are easy to use. You can have them in any size as per your need, and you can open them for one side easily. Its locking and unlocking methods are simple to use.




The most promising feature of this package is that these cases give versatile packaging. it can carry various types of items like:

  • small things
  • cosmetics
  • apparel items
  • gift
  • soap

These cases showcase your things in the best manner. So pick the stuff, add-ons, and prints as per your need.


If you want to use them for heavier items, then go for the thick cardboard cases. In fact, printing makes you use them in the medicine and food sector. Now many food sectors are utilizing aluminium layers inside their pillow box. Why is it so?


It is because it boosts the shelf-life of edibles and medicines. Pink colour cases are famous for keeping beans, dry fruits, chocolates, sugar, candies, etc.




This pillow packaging gives us many benefits along with promoting the brands. From choosing the right stuff to adding add-ons, all work together to boost the business. In fact, printing also plays a vital part in it.


It adds a unique touch to the items’ display, and the 100% recyclable case brings more buyers to your brands.



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