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How To Use Firewall And Anti-Virus For Device Protection

A firewall is a part of the computer system or network that is designed to block unauthorised access from devices. In this article, I want to talk about some of the ways to use firewalls and virus for device protection. Follow me as we are going to look at that together in this article. 


It controls traffic coming into and leaving the system by permitting authorised communication. The firewall can hide the user’s home network from the outside world. Also, It can also be either software or hardware.


It is also recommended that we implement firewall technology on every device. It will help to prevent unauthorised access to devices. 


The firewall also monitors all the requests coming into the system, alert the user, and asks permission for allowing and blocking them from accessing devices. 


Examples of software firewalls include: 

  • WIndows FIrewall ( check Securing Operating System module)
  • Norton Personal FIrewall
  • Sunbelt Personal FIrewall
  • ZoneAlarm 
  • Comodo Personal Firewall

Use Anti-Virus Protection

Anti-Virus software is used to prevent, detect, and remove malware, including computer viruses , worms, and trojan horses. 
They offer “real-time” protection for email and files as they are received.  They are to be configured to scan: 

  • All the workstations 
  • complete network regularly
  • All incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Email attachments 
  • Downloads 
  • Browsing


Use Strong Passwords 

Password must be something that a user can remember but is not related to the user (Such as date of birth, maiden name, spouse name among others). 
A strong password is 8-10 digital long with letters, numbers, and characters (a special character can be used, but the password should be easy to remember). Always use a strong password when you are accessing resources. 

Make Regular Backups

Back up the data regularly, it helps to resolve data during security issues. Backup settings and configurations of the router and firewall. 
You need to create a boot disk before a security event occurs; it helps in recovering the system when it is damaged and compromised. 

 Know about Encryption

Encryption is the conversion of data into an unreadable form called cipher text , unencrypted data is called Plain Text. This protects the sensitive information that is transmitted online. 
It is also an effective way to achieve data security. Also, a web browser will encrypt text automatically when connected to a secure server. 



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