Correct Ways Of Analysing Performance Within Google Ads Interface


Correct Ways Of Analysing Performance Within Google Ads Interface


You can analyze performance within the Google Ads interface with custom combinations of columns, targeting and ads tabs.

Add columns to review the performance of your Display campaigns:

  • Performance: Impressions, clicks, CPM, cost
  • Viewability: Viewable impressions, avg. viewable CPM, viewable rate
  • Conversions: Conversions, cross-device conversions, view-through-conversion
  • Competitive metrics: Display impression share lost budget/rank
  • Attributes: Campaign type, bid strategy type, bid adjustment, targeting setting

You can review these metrics in the interface, or download them to review offline

You can report on video campaign performance in Google AdWords by utilizing pre-defined column sets.


To see these additional columns, change the column view within the AdWords interface:

1. Click Modify columns on the “Columns” drop-down menu. Whatever you unselect will be hidden the next time you sign in to your Google Ads account.
2. When you select “Video campaigns” on the campaign type drop-down menu, you’ll see the following predefined types of columns:

  • Views: Use these columns to monitor your video views and audience engagement.
  • Audience: These metrics help you track the growth of your YouTube audience.
  • Branding: Use these metrics to see how well your video ads are building brand awareness.
  • Conversions: These metrics help you analyze clicks and conversions on your website.
  • Reach metrics: Use these metrics to better understand how many people were shown your ads.

Similar to Display campaigns, you can also modify the columns you view in the AdWords interface for more specific metrics and detailed reports.
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There are a number of added metrics available against which you can review your campaigns:

  • Earned Views: The number of organic views accrued by your video(s) following exposure to the paid video ad.
  • Earned Subscribers: The number of subscribers gained by your channel following exposure to the paid video ad.
  • Earned Shares: The number of shares of your video(s) following exposure to the paid video ad.
  • Earned Likes: The number of organic likes of your video(s) following exposure to the paid video ad.
  • View %: What percentage of the video users watched?

Each targeting method will display performance metrics within the AdWords interface as you navigate between them to review each criterion and how it is contributing to your overall campaign performance.

  • Use the AdWords Video Targeting reports to analyze the performance of specific targeting methods against your campaign KPIs.
  • Use the AdWords Videos reports and the Ads tabs to see how your individual video ads performed against campaign KPIs, and compare ad formats.
  • Use the Settings tab to view reports on Device, Location and Language performance for your Video campaigns.

Analyze the follow-on effect of your ads: the extent to which users engage with your site after they click your ads, and how they convert.
You can use Google Analytics to analyze the follow-on effect of your ads: the extent to which users engage with your site after they click your ads, and how they convert. 

In Google Analytics, you can use the specific AdWords Display Targeting report to analyze the performance of your AdWords campaigns that target the GDN as per your customer interaction. This report allows you to understand the follow-on effect of your display ads: the extent to which users engage with your site after they click your ads, and how they convert.
The report includes data from Display Network only and Search Network with Display Select campaigns that use one or more of the available targeting options:

  • Display Keywords
  • Placements
  • Topics
  • Interests and Remarketing
  • Age
  • Gender

Use the AdWords Video Campaigns report within Google Analytics to analyze the performance of your video ad campaigns. You can pull reports on:

  • Video ads
  • Device
  • Geography
  • Location
  • Operating system
  • Browser
  • Video campaign performance

Access display and video reports in Google Analytics to understand the importance of display and video campaign performance in the context of your overall website KPIs:

  • Select a metric group that matches your KPIs using the Explorer tab, e.g. Site Usage, Website Clicks, and Engagement.
  • Choose dimensions to analyze, such as Ad Content or Video.
  • Add Secondary Dimensions such as Device Category.
  • Sort tables by your most important metrics, for example, ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

After you run reports on your display campaign performance, you then need to assess the performance against your business goals/ the KPIs you set – reach, engagement, remarketing, etc.


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