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6 Common Terminologies In Computer Security:(+Examples)


6 Common Terminologies In Computer Security



When it comes to the issue of security of our properties or our devices, it seems to be an issue that concerns all of us. In this article, I want to talk about six common Terminologies in computer Security. Follow me as we will familiarize ourselves with these terms in this article.

#1 Threat

A threat can be seen as an action that has the tendency to violate or compromise computer security. Anything that you do or someone else does that can open up your system to attack is a threat.

#2 Exploit

Exploit has to do with any breach in computer security that allows people to take advantage of the vulnerability of a system.

Let’s say for example you have a weak password on your system or you do not have a password at all and this allows people to steal vital information from your system. That is a typical example of an exploit.

#3 Vulnerability

This has to do with the existence of weakness, design or implementation error that can lead to unexpected, undesirable events that can compromise the security of a system.

#4 Cracker, attacker or intruder

This is an individual who breaks into a system in order to steal or destroy information available on that particular system. Some also like to refer to them as Dark Angels.

#5 Attack

The attack is any action derived from intelligent threats that are meant to violate the security of a system.

#6 Data theft

This has to do with any actions that are carried out in order to steal critical information from the users’ system. Most at times, passwords and other vital documents are stolen in order to use the user’s identity to commit crimes.


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