Precedence Diagramming Methods

Precedence Diagramming Methods: How To Arrange Project Tasks



Earlier, I talked about all that you need to know about the activity list for projects. In this article, I want to look at all that you need to know about the precedence Diagramming method for projects. Follow me as we will look at that together in this article.



The precedence diagramming method is a project schedule network Diagramming method that uses rectangular boxes or nodes to represent boxes or nodes represent activities and arrows to represent precedence relationships between activities.



This type of diagrams:

  • Always reads from left to right.
  • Show duration only in the node.
  • It May be created manually or with software
  • May report a group of related activities as an aggregate activity
  • May use all Precedence relationship types.


Summary activities

A summary activity is a group of related activities that, for reporting purposes, is shown as a single aggregate activity in a bar chart or graph. It may also be called a hammock activity.



Some summary activities have their own internal sequence of activities but others include separate activities.




Conditional diagramming methods…

Activity sequences that must be revisited or repeated is called loops, while activities that will be implemented only under specific conditions are called conditional branches.


A conditional Diagramming method is any network Diagramming method that allows for no sequential activities such as loops or conditional branches.



Typically, activities in these types of diagrams are represented by rectangles, decision points are represented by diamonds, and directional flows as indicated by arrows.


Conditional Diagramming methods vary based on the method used. The most common ones is the Graphical Evaluation Review Technique (GERT) and system dynamic models.



When creating a network diagram, you may want to create a “Start” node that connects by arrows to all the nodes for activities with no dependencies.


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