Content Marketing Strategy: How To Develop A Plan

Content Marketing Strategy: How To Develop A Plan (+Examples)

Content Marketing Strategy: How To Develop A Plan



Having an effective content marketing strategy can help you spread your brand far and wide, helping to generate more leads, drive more sales, and increase your overall business visibility.


However, creating an effective content marketing strategy can be challenging without any prior experience.


Here are some tips to help you create an effective content marketing strategy in no time at all.



What Are Content Marketing Strategies?

Content marketing is no longer an option. In 2017, 64% of marketers are creating content for their businesses.



It’s crucial to stay ahead of your competition by creating and sharing high-quality, unique content with your target audience on social media, in blogs, and in email newsletters.


A solid content marketing strategy helps you reach your business goals while boosting engagement with customers and prospects through sharing valuable information they want.


Types of Content Marketing

The type of content marketing you’ll choose will depend on your end goals and on who your target audience is.


If you’re looking for brand awareness, social media or blogging would work well;

if you want to build interest in a product, try email;



if you are trying to generate sales leads, search engine optimization (SEO) would be ideal.

Knowing your objective before starting will help ensure that your content campaign is successful.



How Will You Find The Time?

When you’re just starting, it can be difficult to justify spending much time or money on content marketing. Even if you do have additional resources, developing and executing a coherent content marketing strategy will require some attention from you to get it off the ground.



To make things easier, consider outsourcing some of your content creation efforts or hiring an agency or freelancer for specific projects—or look into various tools and resources that can help with certain aspects of your strategy.



Who Is Your Audience?

The key to good content marketing is knowing who you’re talking to. It sounds obvious, but many people forget that you can’t speak in generalities and expect anyone and everyone to get it.


Figure out your main audience, and use that group as a starting point for understanding their needs, values, pain points, and preferred media channels.



Choose Your Target Audience First

You’ll want to consider your target audience and make sure that your content meets their needs. Once you know who they are, start figuring out what they want.



This might mean spending some time researching blogs in your niche or even taking surveys of current customers.



Try creating an ideal buyer persona based on market research so you can tailor your content specifically for that audience.


Build Relationships with Influencers and Communities



A content marketing strategy for small businesses starts with building relationships with communities and influencers.


The first step is identifying which online communities you’d like to join. Look at hashtags, LinkedIn groups, blogs, Facebook groups, and Twitter chats to find where your customers hang out online. When joining these groups, be sure to post valuable information.


Once you’ve identified the online communities that align most closely with your business goals, begin participating in conversations by posting relevant content or sharing articles from reputable sources.


Where will you create your content?

It’s important to pick a channel that best fits your target audience. For example, it may be better for you to create videos instead of writing blogs if you know most of your potential customers are visual learners and come from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


Similarly, if you think your target customer is more likely to visit LinkedIn than YouTube, choose blogging over video as your main content creation method.


Other factors to consider when deciding where to create your content include the amount of time and resources you have available, the type of message you want to send out (if it’s an advertisement), or what types of questions people ask about your product.


Get Familiar with Keyword Research Tools

Google’s Keyword Planner is excellent for determining which keywords people are using in search of products or services like yours.


Use these terms in your content, on your site, and in social media posts. Make sure to include them in the body copy as well as the title tags and meta descriptions.


In this way, you can attract new visitors who are already interested in what you have to offer! For example, if your company offers custom gifts such as promotional pens, that may be a keyword such as promotional pens.


If someone searched for promotional pens, they would find one of your pages that had an appealing headline about custom-made pens and would likely click through to read more about it.


You want to include those keywords throughout your blog post so it shows up when someone searches for them on Google Search.


Learn from Others’ Successes, Mistakes, and Strategies

One way is to learn from others’ successes, mistakes, and strategies. The best resource for learning what others have done right or wrong is by reading blogs. Find out what works for others and make it work for you.


The best time management tip I can give is to read more blogs! Most successful bloggers share their own experiences in detail about their journey, especially if it has some pain points or bumps in it. Look at what they did wrong, and what they could have done better, and adjust your approach accordingly.


When writing a blog post you may want to ask yourself the following questions: What am I trying to say? How do I want readers to feel after reading my post? Which type of language should I use?



What words should I avoid using? Which keywords should I include? Where do these keywords go on the page? When should I post my new content? Which social media platforms should I be active on? Who is my target audience, and where are they online most often? Is this content relevant to them? Does it solve a problem for them? How can I get traffic to this site through other sites (aka backlinks)? And finally, when will I start seeing results from this content marketing strategy?



In general, it takes 3-6 months before any major changes happen when doing content marketing. However, once you are active in publishing monthly, you would start getting visitors to your site and engagement with your brand in short order.


Just remember that patience is key because no tactic works overnight.


Action Point

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