Create Keyword Lists To Drive Business Objectives

How To Create Keyword Lists To Drive Business Objectives

Here are some of the facts that you need to consider when you are to Create Keyword Lists To Drive Business Objectives:


  • Consider creating lists around the type of search intent, i.e. if they’re looking for information (Top of Funnel Searches), consideration (Middle of Funnel) or conversion/sales queries (Bottom of Funnel)
  • Having an exhaustive list of keywords that your target audience is likely to search for is essential to building coverage to ensure your brand is visible for the most valuable searches in the user’s buyer journey
  • It’s essential to know the function of each keyword and assign budgets to each group of keywords depending on the part they play in a conversion
  • Use negative keywords to cut out unwanted searches, i.e. low conversion/high cost, bad brand associations etc.


How to approach writing ads in terms of driving clicks from searchers:

  • Relevant: Consider the need state of the searcher and how this can be addressed by your product. What do they want to hear about your product to make your product seem more appealing than the competition based on their need state?
  • Attractive: Include keywords in the ad copy to increase perceived relevance in order to drive higher click through rates
  • Directional: Consider offers and always include a CTA to direct their action towards your business objectives (conversions) post-click

This is an example of good copy elements to drive action.

  1. Relevant to New York hotels – 500 hotels in New York NY
  2. Attractive to book – because you have the Best Price Guarantee
  3. CTA – the book is the first word of the meta description “Book your hotel in New York NY online”. That is telling you to take any action, to book.


  • A landing page is your website. You control this zone and should ensure its closely linked to your ads, keywords, and user intent with directional CTAs to drive towards business objectives
  • Good landing pages are related to what the searcher typed into Google, as well as the ad copy which they clicked. This increases the relevance of the search experience. If the relevance level is high, the searcher is more likely to engage with the page content
  • If you include CTAs, you can direct the searcher to take action on your website, this can be in the form of buying a product or filling out a contact form
  • You should take the entire search experience into account when choosing or designing landing pages for search campaigns



What are the considerations of a good landing page? Consider the search journey. To recap:

  • The user has a need
  • They look for solutions online
  • They click your ad as it’s closely aligned to their need
  • Next, they land on your website

The questions for landing pages are:

  1. Does your landing page deliver on the promise of the ad and resolve their need state?
  2. Is it aligned to the ad, i.e. relevant, attractive and directional?


For example, in the slide image, we can see a landing page that contains:

A.Product details to entice the searcher and quickly show how the product fits their needs
B.Details of how the product appeals to the searcher’s persona and motivations
C.A large clickable CTA to drive action
D.Appealing and aspirational imagery to quickly infer outcomes.


The elements above can be distilled into what is known as conversion rate optimization. Conversion rate optimization is a process whereby pages are designed to drive as many valuable actions based on how people interact with the page and what they are likely to do.


This includes device optimization where buttons are large on mobile-optimized sites so users can easily click them or use striking colours to highlight a particular area of the page (CTAs). It’s important to identify high impact improvements and device considerations to drive better performance.



  • On mobile, the PPC ad is the first listing a searcher sees on the SERP
  • Searcher behaviour is different on mobile than on desktop devices. Mobile Navigation has to be simple and easy to manage with larger CTAs and readable font sizes for smaller screens
  • A further consideration is the type of traffic that mobile drives; if it is primarily researching traffic and not converting traffic (as is the case with many mobile websites), serving the right kind of content to give mobile searchers the information they require is the most effective way to drive value in your mobile traffic
  • Google Ads takes into consideration how mobile-optimized your website is, i.e. is it responsive and designed with mobile in mind? This will ultimately affect your quality score for mobile traffic.


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