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How To Add Topic Targeting To Campaigns

To add Topic targeting to your campaigns, begin in the same way you started adding targeting to your Ad groups.



1. First, choose the Topics tab below Audiences and Demographics.
2. Click the pencil icon to add targeting.
3. From the drop-down menu, select “Add topics”.
4. Choose as many topics and sub-topics as you like. Any topics and sub-topics you have added will appear in the “Selected” column.
5. Click Close and then Save.



With placement targeting, when we say placements we are referring to a website or specific video on YouTube.

We can also refer to automatic placements, where the system automatically displays your ad, or managed placements

where you manually select to display your ads.
Placement targeting involves choosing the website on the Display network, or YouTube video, where you want your ad to be shown. These can be websites that your customers visit and or YouTube content related to your product or services (managed placements).

You don’t need keywords for placement targeting and the system will only look at your managed placements when looking at which site to place your ad. You can target an entire site or specific pages on the site, similarly, you can target a list of specific YouTube videos.


To add placement targeting in the AdWords interface:
1. Click Placements from the left sidebar.
2. Click the + button.
3. From the drop-down menu, select “Add placements”.
4. Type in the name or URL of the placement where you’d like the ads in your ad group to show.
5. If you’d like to add multiple placements at once to your ad group, click the “Add multiple placements at once” link at the bottom of the box.
6.Click Close and then Save to add the placements to your ad group.



You can refine your campaign by combining contextual and audience targeting at the Ad group level. For example, if you sold a compact digital camera, you might want to target users that have an affinity for travel and who are visiting a popular travel photography blog to raise awareness of your product.


If you don’t add a targeting method to an ad group, the only restrictions to where your ads can show are by the campaign and account settings. This means your ads can run anywhere on the web, across the Display Network and YouTube, within your campaign and account settings and will result in not receiving a good ROI. So it is worth applying at least one of these targeting options, if not both, in some form.


Groupon combined both behavioural, contextual and location targeting and aligned their ads with their offer categories to show the most relevant ads to new potential customers.

This meant they had rich data about what their target audience liked, and they could place their ads in highly relevant placements, for example promoting family activities for parents or recipe-related ads for foodies.



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