How To Fix A Water Heating System At Home

How To Fix A Water Heating System At Home





A heating system is essentially a system that transfers heat from a source, such as a furnace, to the rest of the house. These systems can be of several types; heat can be transferred by forced hot air, hot water, or generated steam. Heating systems are especially needed during the winter months, especially hot water heating systems.


Why hot water heating systems?

Even though many people choose warm air heating systems, hot water heating systems have several advantages. The main advantage is that they do not produce noise. They also produce radiant heat, which is more comfortable than hot water heat.
At the same time, hot water heaters require less space compared to forced-air heaters because the hot water flows in narrow pipes, while forced-air heaters require large ducts to circulate the heated air.


How hot water heating systems work

However, maintaining hot water systems is extremely important. While their initial installation is quite costly, they rarely exhibit leaks or major damage later on. However, if a problem occurs, you need to repair the heating system immediately.


To be able to fix a potential problem with the system, it is important to understand how it works. In a hot water system, the water is heated by the main boiler. The energy source used is either oil, gas, coal, or electricity. The heated water then travels through small diameter pipes to the installed radiators, which then distribute the heat throughout the house.


Previously, hot water systems simply used the principle of gravity to distribute the water. When water is heated, it has the property of expanding, so it is automatically pushed toward the radiant panel. Once it radiates the heat, the cool water goes back to the central boiler.


According to Deco facts, the main problem with using gravity was the fact that the water took a long time to reach a certain temperature. Therefore, with the advancement in technology, companies began to install circulating pumps to distribute the hot water throughout the house.


In addition, these systems also use an expansion tank, which is a container built of metal that contains water. It allows the water to heat up, expand, and then condense back to ensure that the pipes do not crack.


How is the system maintained and how are problems fixed?

It is very important to maintain your water heating system in a timely manner. Maintenance must start with furnace repair, which requires the help of a professional expert, but you can also learn to clean it yourself as long as you follow all the precautions. Make sure that the chamber and the nozzle are cleaned regularly. You also need to perform a combustion test on time.


If you are using an old system, it is advisable to drain it. Make sure you flush the system completely with special chemicals and high-temperature water. Once the system is completely drained, you can proceed to clean the expansion tank.


It is advisable to perform this draining procedure at least once a year. The newest systems have special types of tanks instead of the old expansion tanks. These can usually be identified by the two valves attached to the bottom. To drain this, you must turn off the closing valve, perform the draining procedure, and then turn the valve back on. The water should then flow freely.


If you routinely maintain your heating systems and also hire a professional technician from time to time, your systems can run for long periods of time without any major problems.


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