RCCG SOD Year 2: How To Conduct Deliverance.


T HE devil’s sole aim is to hinder your progress and he does this in three ways:

(1) By holding you down. That is, by oppression, depression and regression-

(2) By getting you to go round in circles obsession, that is, doing only one thing continuously, for example, eating all the time.

(3) To get you to go in the direction opposite the way you should go. This is called possession.

Deliverance of the oppressed should follow three major steps:

(a) Locate the cause of the problem

(b) Execute deliverance

(c) Counsel the fellow on how to remain free.

The Sc


Find the door opener to the devil. It could be a curse or there might be need for restitution somewhere The cause might also be unforgiveness or maybe the person had been jilted A door way may also be because someone’s joy is tied to another’s sorrow For example, taking another man’s wife or being dubious, robbing God, failure to pay tuthes and constant disobedience to God’s voice.

Locating the door way of the enemy makes deliverance casier. This is because it exposes the route through which the enemy comes in It reveals the agent of destruction. It also aids counselling on how to avoid counter attack


Qualifications for executing deliverance.

The one who is going to execute deliverance must be qualified to do so. Otherwise, he will be in problem. To execute deliverance, you must:

Be born again

(2) Spint filled

(3) Must be clean that is, must not be possessed of demons because demon cannot cast out demon John 14.30.

14) You must not have harmful habits like smoking and drinking of alcohol.

(5) You must not be a debtor.

(6) You must not be somebody who exaggerates.

The Oppressed to be set free

(1) Must be made to realise and appreciate deliverance

(2) Must be co-operative, ie must be willing and ready to accept Jesus as his Saviour.

The Process of Deliverance

Ten basic steps are involved in carrying our


(1) Plead the Blood of Jesus first of all over yourself

(2) Plead the Blood of Jesus over all children present.

(3) Plead the Blood of Jesus over the oppressed,

(4) Take authority over the oppressors based on the Bible, because the Bible savs so.

(5) Bind the oppressors after taking authority.

(6) Loose the hold of the oppressor.

(7) Command the oppressors to cease in their operation and to desist from their manouvers and to get out of the oppressed.

(8) Declare the oppressed free in Jesus name. If you believe, you can speak to the mountains to be lifted into the sea. Demons can be mountains (Mark 11:23. Matthew 18:18).




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