“Tell Me About Yourself”: How to Nail the Answer

“Tell Me About Yourself”: How to Nail the Answer

This apparently common interview question may not be as simple as it sounds. Here are a few hints for conveying the ideal “Tell me about yourself” answer.


It’s frequently the hardest question to reply during a prospective employee interview, which can come as an astonishment. After all, if there would one say one is subject, we should be surely responding to inquiries regarding, it’s ourselves, isn’t that so?


But, the obscure idea of the question leaves work searchers considering what precisely to state about themselves — and if there are good and bad “Tell me about yourself” interview answers.

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Questioners additionally pose this inquiry to assess how certain interviewees are, which thus gives them a perspective on how recently recruited employees may introduce themselves to clients, customers, and associates if they land the position.



As a job searcher, knowing how to reply, ” tell me about yourself,” gives you an incredible chance to highlight the abilities and experience that make you the ideal possibility for the job. What’s more, since it’s a question that many employing chiefs lead with, it’s likewise your approach to begin on the correct foot.


Here are a couple of more prospective employee interview tips to assist you with nailing your reaction:

How To Answer “Tell me about yourself”?

1.    Modify Your Answer to The Job Description/Company

The questioner is searching for an answer that applies to the position and company you’re applying for, so start with a critical quality the employing administrator referenced in the job description.


Before the interview, go through the job description and invest energy on their site to become more acquainted with what it is they are looking for.
Mention how that skill or quality you have helped an ongoing boss.


2.    Give Numbers/Metrics

While going through your answer, give numbers and measurements that help what you’re discussing.


Anyone can say they helped “grow a team,” yet hearing that you “helped in growing a team of 25 representatives who created $75k in new deals” sounds much better.


3.    Keep It, Professional

Keep your answer proficient. You must remain on target and keep the appropriate response rotating around your work insight and the activity itself.


Sharing individual data isn’t all awful if it identifies with the job, however, it’s best for you to keep the appropriate response identified with your profession.


4.    Get Passionate About Your Solution

Showcase how excited you are about possibly landing the position by adding some enthusiasm to the appropriate response you give. The primary target here is to stand apart from different competitors, so you must make it significant.


Don’t get worried and go over the edge, however!

5.    Try not to List Off Your Resume

One of the greatest errors we see among competitors who answer the “tell me about yourself” question is repeating their resume.


They stall out on every detail around every job and read straightforwardly from their resume.

The questioner has experienced your resume, so discussing it won’t give the details expected to get this new position.


6.    Remain quiet about Negative Opinions

You’ve heard it a million times, however, it merits saying once more: don’t castigate your past managers. It looks horrendous and will probably kill an employing chief from pushing ahead with recruiting you.

Stay glad and positive – the easily overlooked details matter!



7.    Practice, Practice, Practice (Allen Iverson Voice)

Practice will without a doubt make your “tell me about yourself” answer more grounded.

With practice, you manufacture certainty, and it sounds more common coming out.

This will likewise keep you from babbling about pointless details.


Sample Answer for Tell Me About Yourself

Here’s an example of a brilliant response to “tell me about yourself” for a job searcher going after a senior clerical assistant job with a perfect vitality organization:


“I’ve been filling in as an administrative assistant for a very long time. At my present place of employment in the account branch of a medium-size organization, I handle booking, meeting, and travel deciding for four heads and 20 staff individuals. I additionally help plan correspondence, introductions, and reports.

“I’m basically known for being an efficient, meticulous cooperative person. I never miss cutoff times; I’m a good communicator and I can shuffle different assignments without a moment’s delay. In my performance reviews, my administrator consistently takes note of that he values my polished skill and eagerness for the job.


“With this particular expertise added to my personality, I’m hunting an opportunity to make the next drift in my profession. I’m wanting to do as such in an association like yours that attempts to improve the earth, which is something I’m enthusiastic about.”

What you should not to say while answering this interview question

Many employment candidates wrongly answer this common interview questions with discuss something individual. Some even launch into their biography, beginning with their old neighborhood and proceeding through their school graduation.



Then again, others share depictions of the issues in their present place of employment, clarifying that they went after this job because their manager is a micromanager, or their boss won’t permit them to work an adaptable timetable.



Furthermore, some job searchers basically sum up their resume, going point-by-point through their work insight and training history.


Each of the three of these reactions can rapidly send your new position dreams down the cylinders. On the off chance that you answer with both of the initial two, employing administrators see a warning — a sign that you’re not that genuine about the position or just trying to get away from a terrible circumstance at your present place of employment.



Furthermore, if you go with the third approach, you’re discarding a chance. You can expect the questioners to read your resume before welcoming you for the interview, and they needn’t bother with you to walk them through it.


Be brief. Try not to occupy an excessive amount of time with your response. You don’t need to tell the recruiting chief everything that you think makes you an incredible applicant.


Simply give a couple of significant details that will start their enthusiasm for becoming familiar with you, and you’ll get the interview off to a great start.


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