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SEO Strategist: The Skills And Character Traits

There is something that I used to tell people, most especially youth in my dear country Nigeria. Do not believe that report that state that there is no job in Nigeria. Even if that report was right that there is no job in Nigeria.


There are some international jobs that you can do provided you have the right skill to take up that job. One of those jobs waiting for you is the job of an SEO Analyst. You can be an SEO Consultant and live on 6- Digits. I want to tell you how that can be done in this article.

Who is an SEO Strategist 

He is an individual that is responsible for analysing, planning, reviewing and implementing some of the changes that are needed to be done on a website in order for it to rank higher on Search Engine.  The Strategist is responsible for making sure that a website shows on top of search engines. In order to do this effectively, there are some skill sets that he must have. 


The Critical Skills of an SEO Strategist. 

When it comes to the role of an SEO Strategist just like the role of a Digital marketer, there are some multi-facet skills that an individual must have before he can perform effectively in that role. At times, he may need to have some web designing and Analytics skills in order to perform excellently well. Now let’s look at some of the skills that someone applying for this role should have in his kitty. 

#1 In-depth Keyword Research 

I started Blogging since the year 2012. For over 10 years, I have always believed that I can write on any topic that I want and still make it in Blogging. Although part of those years I was not that consistent. The real reason why I was unable to make much impact was that I ignored keyword research as a major component of blogging. If you really want to make it in Blogging, you need to engage an SEO Strategist that will help you to discover long-tail keywords will high search volumes and low competition. It is very essential. 

#2 Studying traffics and Analytics 

In order to succeed in this role, you have to pay attention to the traffic pattern on the website. You need to know where the traffic is coming from. Is it organic or search engine traffic? At times, you have to also take time to discover the content that people are reading most. This will help to understand the main keywords that you should focus more on. Without a good understanding of the traffic pattern, you might not be able to impact much. 

#3 A/B Testing

As part of your work as the Web Strategist for a website, you need to carry out Split testing or A/B Testing for every element on your website. You may need to test your themes to know which of the theme have the highest reduced bounce rate. There are themes that if you use on your website, it will definitely discourage your visitors from visiting again. You need to test elements on your site to see what is working for you. you just have to stick to what is working and jettison methods that seem not to be working.

#4 Build Natural Backlinks

As an SEO Strategist for a website or an organisation, it is your duty to assist the organisation in building natural backlinks. Backlinks are signs of approval for a website. It is what tells Google that your contents are valuable and they are worthy of recommendation. If you now decide to purchase backlinks, it is termed as black hat practice and this will never take you far. You need to embark on reaching out to other Producers and building natural links for your content.

#5 Anlaysisng Site Competitors 

As a Strategist for a blog or website, it will also be your duty to analyse what your competitors are doing. Whether you are running a single niche or a multi-niche website. You need to look at what is attracting visitors to your competitor’s website. You may also have to spy on some of their winning keywords and make sure that you write about them. Mind you should never drag keywords with ancestors. That means those that have been into blogging for more than five years and have already gained prominence. This will take you nowhere. 

#6 Maximizing Local Search 

One other fact that you need to understand is that Google is Localised. When a Searcher in Nigeria is searching for particular content on Google, the Search Engine will first have to determine whether there is anyone around that can fulfil that need. The same method should guide you as a Search Engine Optimization Strategist. You need to register your presence in your environment. You can do that by making use of Local Directories such as Google My Business and other reputable online directories. 

If you are hired as a Strategist, you need to assist the organisation in identifying the Local Online Directories that they can join that will boost their ranking on the Search Engine Result Page. 

#7 Strong CTA

One of the required skills that you need as a Search Engine Strategist is the ability to use a strong Call0-To-Action. You must be able to speak the language of your audience. Take, for example, you are creating content in order to promote a particular product or service. What your audience is expecting is for you to tell them what you want them to do after reading the content. If you do not do that you might be missing out on some aspects of audience conversion. So, always learn as a content writer to include CTA in your content. 

#8 Be Up-to-Date 

Just like technology, you should know that SEO tweaks and tricks also change from time to time. That is why as a Content writer and Search Engine Specialist, you should know what is going on with your friend. You should also see any new project that you are handling as an opportunity to learn new things. Your customers will lose confidence in you if they see that you are not up-to-date. 

Key Character Traits 

These are the key character traits of an SEO Strategist in case you are thinking of hiring or becoming one:

#1 Content 

As a good Search Engine Strategist, you should be able to write quality content. Please note that writing content is not about writing for the fun of it. You need to be able to understand your audience and speak their language, If you cannot provide answers to the questions your target audience is asking, they will not develop an interest in your products and services. 

#2 Picture and Graphics

As a good Search Engine Strategist, you need to learn how to incorporate animations, statistics, facts, figures and graphics into your content. People want to see more than your writing styles and power of oratory. They want to know that you have done your research before you start writing. This will also prove to your target audience that you have the requisite knowledge to solve their problems. 

#3 Keywords Usage

You need to learn the proper use of keywords. Although some methods have changed in terms of how Google ranked posts you still need to follow some rules. The keyword that you are trying to rank for must appear in your Post title, first paragraph as well as meta description for your article. You also need to know that it is very possible for a single article to rank for more than one keyword. Your strategy does not determine that.

#4 Mobile First

It is well-known fact that Google and other Search Engines place much emphasis on the mobile experience. If you want to rank higher on Search Engines, you have to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and mobile responsive. Also, it will not be a bad idea if you make use of AMP in order to improve the user experience for your mobile users. 

#5 Backlink building 

As an SEO Strategist, you need to build your strength in backlinks building. There is a need for you to reach out to other Influential bloggers and write content on their websites. Some content writers also believe that you should spend more time writing on their people’s websites and spend only 30 percent of the time writing your own content. 

#6 Content Readability 

Also, when you are writing your content and keywords, you need to have readability at the back of your mind. At times, Google monitors the average time that users are spending on your website as well as the average number of pages that users open anytime they visit your blog or website. If the number is less, it is an indication that users are not satisfied. So, also, if you have bad grammar or you do not deploy the use of simple sentences and short paragraphs, your users might not come back for more content on your website.

Action Point
PS: If you would like to have an online course on any of the courses that you found on this blog, I will be glad to do that on an individual and corporate level, I will be very glad to do that because I have trained several individuals and groups and they are doing well in their various fields of endeavour. Some of those that I have trained include the staff of Dangote Refinery, FCMB, Zenith Bank, and New Horizons Nigeria among others. Please come on Whatsapp and let’s talk about your trainingYou can reach me on Whatsapp HERE. Please note that I will be using Microsoft Team to facilitate the training.

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.


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