3 Major Health Benefits Of Body Massage

3 Major Health Benefits Of Body Massage

Chinese Massage also known as tuina, uses both acupressure and massage practices to massage the body. In this article, I want to talk about three major benefits of body massage. Follow me as we will look at that in this article. 


Acupressure is a technique that uses the mapping of meridians throughout the body to help bring the body’s energies back into balance. Western massage techniques use knowledge of the body’s muscular system to apply pressure to tension points. There are several health benefits of body massaging. 



#1 Increased Energy

Massage helps unblock the body’s meridians and allow energy to flow more smoothly within the body. The practice of Western massage to relax the muscles also help release tension throughout the body. This increases overall energy and reduces stress. 

#2 I improved Immune System

Massage can help stimulate the immune system by increasing the flow of energy which reduces stress and increases healing. This is accomplished by balancing the body’s energies, releasing tension in the body’s muscles and joints, and improving the body’s elimination of waste. In addition, overall circulation is improved following massage and the lymphatic system may perform better. 

#3 Improved Muscle Tone

Chinese massage incorporates massaging that soft tissues in the body, which can increase muscle tone and relax painfully knotted muscles and ligaments. The massage may only affect the muscle that lie directly underneath the skin or may incorporate a more deep tissue massage. As a result, the muscle relaxes and rebuild. Repeated sessions of massage may result in improved muscle tone and appearance. 

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