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9 Black Hat SEO Course Download Torrent (+Practical Guide)

9 Black Hat SEO Course Download Torrent (+Practical Guide)



There is another type of SEO called the Blackhat SEO. In this article, I want to talk about some of the SEO tactics that you can adopt that can attract punishment from Search Engines. They are called Black Hat SEO Course Torrent because they are bad tricks that you are not expected to adopt in your SEO journey. Let us look at some of these tricks in this article. I will be looking at some of the Black Hat SEO techniques to avoid as well as some of the negative outcomes of using them. 



“According to Semrush SEO, Black hat SEO are tactics used to rank a website that violates search engine guidelines. Black hat SEO techniques attempt to manipulate search engine algorithms to increase a site’s rankings on the SERPs.



Search engines, such as Google to Bing, make it very clear which types of practices go against their terms. They’re also quite clear on the potential outcomes if you violate their guidelines. Using black hat SEO tactics can lead to your website being banished from Search Engines.



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Here are some of the Black SEO practices that you should never follow. 

#1 Keyword Stuffing 

When you are engaging in keyword stuffing, you are trying to repeat the same keywords unnaturally in order to rank for that particular keyword. This is tantamount to trying to deceive the Search Engine by making your article show up for articles that they are not related to. 


You need to understand that this used to work in the early days of the emergence of the Search Engine. But nowadays, Search Engine Algorithms has advanced as they now incorporate some element of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. When you are writing your posts nowadays, you need to be as natural as much as possible. That is why you will notice that it is now possible for you to rank for keywords that you did not bid for. 


#2 Duplicate or Auto-Generated Contents 

The fact remains that Quality Content is one of the ranking factors when it comes to ranking on Search Engines. Because Google placed so much emphasis on User Experience, they will not allow anything short of great content to show up on the first page.


Some Bloggers and content creators have devised means of using Tools to generate content. Some even devise means of making a single Page to rank for multiple contents. All these techniques are not acceptable to Search Engines. You can be penalised if you are caught doing so. 


#3 Hidden Texts 

There are some Content Creators and Website Developers that try to hide keywords away from the prying eye of Search Engine Bots. They do this at times in order to rank for a large number of keywords. Some are hidden in Javascript and Images. At times some use zero fonts and colours to hide texts. 


You need to understand that Search Engines nowadays are more sophisticated to discover hidden texts. You might be penalised for hiding keywords for users or deceiving the Search Engine in order to rank for a particular keyword. You can learn more about this with the Black Hat SEO Course Download Torrent


#3 Gateway Pages 

Gateway Pages are Pages that target specific queries and are meant to deal with a particular keyword or country. This is in violation of Google guidelines. 

You need to understand that some of the Pages on your sites must be serving a specific purpose. You should not create any Page on your website in order to rank for a particular keyword. Every Page you are creating on your website must have a specific purpose. 


Some of the examples of these gateway practices happen when you are targeting a location where your business does not have a physical office or when you create a Page in order to rank for a particular keyword and not meet Users’ needs. 


#4 Cloaking 

Cloaking happens when the URL being served to Users visiting your website is different from the URL served to Search Engines. This is been done at times in order to deceive the Search Engine Bots. It happens when you created a Page to rank for a Search Engine while users are being directed to a different Page. This is a complete violation of the Search Engine guideline.


#5 Paid Links

When it comes to link building, they are signs of approval of your website content by other Site owners. If you now engage in practices such as buying links or spamming links. You are working at variance with Search Engine practises. You have to make sure that you are earning backlinks through authoritative links that you are churning out from your website or blog. 


In order not to be a victim of this, you should avoid the following: 

  • Paid (sponsored) links that don’t contain a rel=”nofollow” or rel=”sponsored” attribute
  • Excessive link exchanges
  • Blog comment spam
  • Forum spam
  • Large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns
  • Automated link building
  • Spammy directories, bookmarking sites, and web 2.0 properties
  • Site-wide footer or sidebar links
  • Links that use exact match or commercial anchor text

#6 Misused Structured Data and Rich Snippet

Structured Data and Rich Snippets are essential tools that can be used by Bloggers. They usually allow Search Engines and Users to understand the relationship between content and Pages available on a website or Blog. Sometimes, these are intentionally misused in order to deceive Search Engine bots. 


This is very common among marketers who want to pull traffic to their content. They may decide to write fake reviews or pay people to review their websites and products so that they can come higher on the Search Engine Result Page.


#7 Misleading Redirects 

Whether you are creating a new blog or website or you are moving your content to a new website, you cannot do without engaging in some kind of redirection for your content. This is meant to increase user experience on your and guarantee that Search Engine crawlers are not having issues accessing your website. 


Just like cloaking, there are times where Black Hat Developers deceive Search Engines by ensuring that the Page displayed to users is different from the Page displayed on the Search Engine Result Page. You need to know that Google Webmasters also list Misleading URLs as one of the black hat offences with a heavy penalty. 

#8 Negative SEO 

There are some that actually carried out Blackhat SEO in order to bring down their competitors. Some Content writers can go as far as pointing a large number of unethical links to other people’s domain in order to bring them down.


Although with the advancement in Google techniques and algorithms, they have devised means of ignoring those links. But you need to know that once you are caught or reported by others, you can be penalised for such illicit practices. 


Why You Should Not Use Black Hat SEO Techniques

#1 Loss of Traffic and Visibility 

One of the reasons why you should not engage in Black Hat SEO is that it will lead to a great loss of revenue and visibility on Search Engines. Once you are penalised, your website might not even appear on the first one hundred pages for Keywords that you have previously ranked for. This will lead to a loss of revenue and goodwill. It might even mean that you have to support your business with PPC campaigns in order to stay afloat. 


#2 You cannot go far

The bitter truth when it comes to using these dubious means in order to rank higher on Search Engines is that there is a limit to how far you can go. 


Although it might take some time for Google to discover that an unethical method was adopted. This can be discovered through manual review or Core algorithm update but be rest assured that once a discovery has been made, loss of traffic is inevitable for such a website. 


#3 Frustrating User Experience

There is no way a user can enjoy their stay on a website that adopts the use of Black Hat Techniques in order to rank higher on search engines. It is also possible that the thought process for their contents will also be affected as they will find it difficult to strike a balance. This can also affect the conversation rate on such a website. It will ultimately lead to a loss of revenue as well. 


Ways Of Reporting Black Hat SEO

According to SEOTrik Blog. Here are the ways that you can report a website using Black Hat SEO Techniques. First and foremost, If it’s a competitor or a site that you came across while doing Black Hat SEO, it must be documented. A genuine marketer will not wish for spammy sites to be ranked higher than theirs. But how do we accomplish this?


The answer is quite simple. Every search engine has the option of exposing unprofessional actions. For instance., Google has reported the use of paid links, spam, and malicious pages. It is simple to report and webmasters must be informed. While the time to take the required action might not be as rapid it will allow the algorithms of websites to become more aware to reflect the spam.


Concluding Thoughts

 If one should consider the pros and cons of using Black Hats Techniques learned from Black Hat SEO Course Download Torrent, we see that it is not advisable to engage in these practices as it will come back to hurt such a website or blog. You should also know that Google and other Search Engines are not resting on their oars in their effort to rid their Search Engine Result of Black Hat-influenced Search Results. 

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PS: I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you could drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.

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