White Hat SEO: How to Improve Your Rankings Legally

White Hat SEO: How to Improve Your Rankings Legally


Search engine optimization (SEO) can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. One of the most popular misconceptions about SEO is that it involves shady practices and underhanded manipulation of search engine algorithms to gain favourable rankings and more traffic to your website.


While there are certainly black hat tactics you can use to increase your rankings, there are also white hat methods that will help you grow your brand while staying within the bounds of search engine optimization rules and guidelines set by Google, Bing, and other search engines that determine how you rank in their search results pages.


What is White Hat SEO?

As we mentioned, search engine optimization is a process. The goal of White Hat Search Engine Optimization is to improve your rankings while creating content that can be read and used by people.

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There are several ways that you can improve your site’s ranking in natural search engine results pages (SERPs) – or rather, there are many different methods that all fall under one category. These methods are called White Hat SEO tactics or sometimes referred to as ethical SEO methods.



What is Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO and black hat SEO are terms that are used frequently in online marketing. The term white hat refers to a search engine optimization (SEO) technique that uses methods that search engines deem as acceptable, while black hat refers to techniques that use methods deemed unacceptable by search engines.



In other words, if you use white hat techniques, your site will likely be ranked highly by search engines; if you use black hat techniques, your site will likely be penalized or even banned from a search engine’s index.



What Are The Types of SEO White Hat?

The three most common forms of white hat SEO are;
Link building,
content creation, and



Link building is a type of link earning that involves earning links from relevant, quality sources.

Content creation involves creating high-quality content that answers searcher questions and adds value to their lives.



Finally, engagement is becoming an active participant in your community by engaging with comments and responding to customer queries.



White Hat SEO backlinks

The most common way of improving your page’s rankings is by getting high-quality links from other sites. It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t create backlinks in an unethical manner, such as by purchasing them or creating link farms. You should focus on adding value with quality content and strategic backlinks.



Remember that search engines will penalize websites for trying to manipulate their search results, so it’s important to remain within their guidelines when building your web presence. This doesn’t mean that all black hat tactics are off-limits; just be sure to know what you can get away with before employing these methods.



For example, if you want to build a huge amount of backlinks quickly, there are services out there that will allow you to do so. Just make sure they aren’t spammy or low-quality first!


The Most Important Rule About White Hat

Google’s Algorithm is always changing, so it is impossible to be 100% White Hat. If you’re aiming for 100% pure White Hat, then your website will never rank in Google.



The main goal of most website owners today is not only to get a high search engine ranking but also to stay there over time. You can use techniques that may be considered by some as Black hat tactics and still have a high ranking.



However, if you do not know how long your site will remain on top using these methods, it’s best to stick with what works; White Hat SEO.



While many people believe that Google frowns upon any form of link building, I disagree. What they don’t like are links from websites or pages that are not relevant to your niche or business. They want their users to find quality information when they perform a search query.



That is why they created Google My Business (GMB). This program allows local businesses to claim their listing and add photos, videos, hours of operation, driving directions, and more. When you create an account, Google will assign a Page Rank to your GMB page.



Pages with a higher Page Rank have better ranking potential. For example, my GMB page has a PR of 8/10. It was easy to set up, took less than 10 minutes and now I’m getting free traffic from Google every day. In addition to claiming your GMB page, it’s important to make sure all of your other social media accounts are linked to each other.



Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black hat search engine optimization usually involves attempting to trick Google into giving your website higher search rankings than it deserves. This is done by taking advantage of loopholes in Google’s algorithm and hoping that you won’t get caught for using them.



The most common way of doing so is via keyword stuffing, also known as keyword spamming or overstuffing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Black Hat SEO

While black hat techniques will help you boost your site rankings quickly, they won’t last forever. Sooner or later, Google’s algorithms will catch up with you and your site will get penalized.


White hat SEO, on the other hand, is much more sustainable. You can improve your ranking by adding great content over time and making sure that it’s relevant to search terms that people are searching for online.



In addition, white hat SEO doesn’t rely on tricking users into clicking on links—instead, it focuses on providing real value to users so that they click of their own accord.




As always, when you’re doing any kind of internet marketing, it’s best to abide by Google’s guidelines. This will not only keep your business safe but also prevents your competitors from doing anything too shady that will hurt your rankings in SERPs.



Remember that no one method is better than another when it comes to search engine optimization; sometimes, using a combination of methods can be best and will give you more power over your rankings than using just one or two.



When looking for keywords, try to find those that are both high-volume and low-competition, as these are often some of the easiest ways to improve your ranking quickly. Good luck!



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