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Expo Marker Costume : How to Make Your Own


If you’ve never been to an expo, you may not know what they are all about. In short, they are events where people gather to talk about technology and other new products, in addition to playing video games and chatting with game developers. There are many expos out there, like PAX Prime, E3, and more!


For that reason, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd of cosplayers and convention-goers who want to show off their unique costumes at these events; however, one surefire way to stand out from the crowd is with an Expo Marker costume.



If you’re looking for a fun and creative costume idea, why not try making your own expo marker costume? With just a few materials, some creativity, and a bit of elbow grease, you can put together a unique and eye-catching outfit that is sure to be a hit at any Halloween party or costume contest.

In this article, we’ll go through the steps of creating an expo marker costume, from selecting the right supplies to putting the final touches on your look. With this guide, you’ll be ready to show off your own homemade expo marker costume in no time.


What You Will Need

Creating a costume out of expo markers is surprisingly easy and can be a fun way to make a unique and creative Halloween costume. To create your own Expo marker costume, you’ll need the following supplies:


– Expo Markers: You’ll need a variety of colors to create your costume. Try to pick up a range of bright and dark shades for the best effect.
– Cardboard or poster board: You’ll use this as the base for your costume.
– Glue: You’ll need this to attach the markers to the cardboard or poster board.
– Craft foam: You’ll use this to create 3D shapes for your costume.
– Optional: Any other craft supplies or decorations you may want to add to your costume.
Once you have all your supplies ready, you can start creating your unique costume. Have fun!


Step 1: Prep the Markers

If you’re looking for a creative and eye-catching Halloween costume, look no further than an expo marker costume! This unique and colorful costume is easy to make and requires no sewing or intricate crafting skills.
Before you begin, gather your supplies. You will need a box of Expo markers (or any other type of permanent marker), tape, a large sheet of plastic wrap or garbage bag, a ruler, scissors, and safety pins.


Start by preparing the markers. Measure the length of the marker and mark it on the plastic wrap or garbage bag. Cut out a rectangle that is twice as long as the marker and twice as wide. This will be used to cover the marker in order to give it a uniform shape and size. Tape the plastic wrap or garbage bag onto the marker, covering it completely. Once finished, you should have a cylinder-shaped marker. Repeat this step with all of the markers.


Step 2: Create The Base

Creating the base for your Expo marker costume is an essential step to ensure that the costume looks great and will last for years to come. To make the base, you’ll need several supplies, including a pair of scissors, fabric glue, and an old pair of trousers or shorts.


First, take your pair of trousers or shorts and cut them into the shape of a bodysuit. You can use a measuring tape to determine where to cut so that the fit is snug yet comfortable. Once you’ve cut the base, it’s time to start adding color.
Using fabric glue, attach brightly coloured scraps of fabric to the base in a way that creates the look of a colourful expo marker. Make sure to include plenty of bright colours so that the costume stands out and looks vibrant. When you’re done, allow the glue to dry completely before wearing your costume.


You can also add accents to your costume with items like buttons or ribbons. Get creative and have fun with it! With a little bit of effort and creativity, you’ll be able to create an expo marker costume that will make you stand out at any party or gathering.


Step 3: Attach The Markers

When it comes to making your Expo marker costume, the key is attaching the markers in a way that looks aesthetically pleasing and ensures they stay in place throughout the evening. Here are a few tips for making sure your markers are securely attached:
1. Start by affixing a few pieces of double-sided tape along the edges of the costume’s main body. Make sure to evenly distribute them around the body so that you don’t create any visible lumps or bumps.
2. Place the Expo markers on the double-sided tape. This will ensure they stay in place all night. You can also use hot glue if you prefer a more permanent solution.
3. If necessary, add a few extra pieces of double-sided tape or hot glue to the back of the markers to make sure they don’t come undone during wear.
4. For extra security, use a needle and thread to sew each marker into place. Make sure to use a heavy-duty thread and be sure to tie a few knots to secure them even further.
And there you have it – your very own Expo marker costume! With a little creativity and these simple steps, you’ll be ready for your next costume party in no time.


Step 4: Add The Finishing Touches

Once you have all your pieces together, it’s time to add the finishing touches. To make your Expo marker costume truly stand out, you’ll want to add some accents and details.

First, use your marker caps to create a unique hat. Just glue or tape the caps in the desired shape and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind headpiece. You can also glue or tape felt cutouts onto the expo marker tubes to give them some extra character.


To complete the look, use fabric paint or markers to create logos and designs on your expo markers. Think outside the box and get creative! If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you could even craft a smaller expo marker for your pet if they are joining you at the Halloween party.


Finally, grab some double-sided tape and attach your pieces together, making sure everything is secure. Once you’re finished with the costume, don’t forget to take lots of pictures for posterity!


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