Fiskateers: A Community of Creative Scrapbookers

Fiskateers: A Community of Creative Scrapbookers

Fiskateers is a social community of passionate crafters who take self-expression and creating very seriously. The Fiskateers community was created by Fiskars, a well-known brand that produces crafting tools and materials. The Fiskateers community is a place where crafters can connect, share ideas, and participate in offline groups called “crops.”


To join the Fiskateers community, one must be invited by one of the four head Fiskateers. The community values the opinions of its members and provides them with a platform to share their ideas and thoughts.


Though most of the crafting is done offline, the Fiskateers community is active online, where members can connect with each other and share their creations. The Fiskateers community has become a veritable sales force for Fiskars, with members promoting the brand and its products to their friends and family.



The Fiskateers community has been successful in creating a space where crafters can connect and share their passion for creating. The community has grown over the years, with members from all over the world. The Fiskateers community has also become a platform for Fiskars to promote its brand and products.


The community has been successful in creating a loyal customer base for Fiskars, with members promoting the brand and its products to others. Overall, the Fiskateers community is a great example of how a social community can become a powerful force in promoting a brand and its products.



History of Fiskateers Founding of Fiskars


Fiskars is a leading global supplier of consumer products for home, garden, and outdoors. The company has a rich history that dates back to 1649, when a Dutch merchant named Peter Thorwöste established an ironworks in the Finnish village of Fiskars. Over the next few centuries, the company expanded its operations and became known for its high-quality scissors, knives, and other cutting tools.


Creation of Fiskateers

In 2005, Fiskars Brands, Inc. was facing a challenge. The company’s market research showed that its products, including its famous scissors, were losing ground to cheaper, commoditized products available in chain stores like Wal-Mart. To counter this trend, Fiskars decided to launch a social media campaign to engage with its customers and build a community of brand advocates.


The result was Fiskateers, a social community for crafters and scrapbookers who use Fiskars products. The program was launched in early 2006 with the help of South Carolina identity development agency Brains on Fire and specifically Geno Church. The Fiskateers program was a word-of-mouth campaign designed to use social media to promote Fiskars products and build a community of loyal customers.


Fiskateers quickly became a thriving online community, with more than 7,000 brand advocates by 2013. The program was built around the idea of “spreading the Fiskateer spirit,” which encouraged members to share their love of crafting and Fiskars products with others. Fiskateers were given special training and access to exclusive content, and they were encouraged to host events and workshops in their local communities.


Overall, Fiskateers was a successful marketing campaign that helped Fiskars to connect with its customers and build a community of brand advocates. The program was a testament to the power of social media and the importance of engaging with customers in a meaningful way.


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