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Ice Breaker Board Game: The Benefits


Do you want to get to know your friends better? If so, check out this fun and exciting ice breaker board game that’s great for parties with friends and acquaintances alike! Plus, it’s easy to make, so you can do it even if you’re not an experienced crafter.



What is an Ice Breaker Board Game?

An ice breaker board game is a game that is specifically designed for making new friends or acquaintances feel more comfortable with each other.


One popular example of an ice breaker board game is Taboo, in which one player chooses a word and the other players try to guess what it might be while using only the letters given on their cards.



Eventually, one player will guess correctly and if they are correct, they’ll get a point! But beware, if you say something like Red then you’re out of the game. Another common board game often used as an ice breaker is Trivial Pursuit. In this game, players work together to answer trivia questions in order to win points – usually by answering 6-10 questions correctly.


Sometimes a team may need help from another team member to answer the question correctly so cooperation can really make a difference when playing these games!

Reasons Why You Should Play an Icebreaker Game

Ice breaker board games are a great way to make new friends and learn more about people. You don’t even have to know how the game is played, because you can learn while playing.


Ice breaker games often tell us a lot about people by what they chose as their favourite or least favourite ice breaker questions. It’s like speed dating, but more fun!


The best part is that you get to choose which icebreaker questions to answer. So if there’s a question that makes you feel uncomfortable, then just answer the next one on your list. They’re also not just for parties—you can play them at work or any other time when meeting new people!


They’re so much fun that once you’ve started playing an icebreaker game, it’s hard to stop! Give them a try and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that these games are awesome.


There are many different types of ice breakers out there and you can easily find one that suits your group. Sometimes we don’t want to meet new people, but doing this kind of activity may help us overcome our fears. And even if you don’t meet anyone new, at least you got some exercise in today right?


All of these benefits come from something as simple as playing an icebreaker game. It doesn’t take up a lot of time either, which is nice if you’re really busy all the time.


There are so many reasons why you should play an icebreaker game, and hopefully, now you’ll be convinced to give it a try!


The best thing about icebreaker games is that you can create your own questions and rules. Who knows, maybe this will turn into a monthly tradition.


The Top Five Most Popular Activities to do Together in a Group

1) Get out of the house and try a new experience like ziplining or visiting a local museum.


2) Challenge each other to complete creative tasks such as drawing your favourite scene from a book.

3) Discuss with each other what you consider some of the best movies or TV shows ever made.

4) Spend time learning something new together, like how to solve a Rubik’s cube.


This can be done in one-hour blocks, one day at a time. It is great for groups of all sizes but works best for groups of five to eight people. It is a fun way to get to know someone better because it has open-ended questions that are easy for everyone in the group.


The board game also includes topics on a variety of interests so there will always be things to talk about.


5) The goal is for everyone in the group to answer 20 questions correctly before their timer runs out (about an hour).


If anyone gets 20 questions wrong, they need to pick a person who they would like to ask them three personal questions which they then need to answer truthfully. If anyone answers more than 20 questions incorrectly, they have to remove an item of clothing.


The winner of the game is decided by whoever has answered the most questions correctly or if all participants agree that no one deserves to win the game, then nothing happens.



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