robeert greene 48 laws of power

Law 1: Robert Greene 48 Laws Of Power

Law 1: Robert Greene 48 Laws Of Power

Law 1: Never Outshine the Master

This law literally changed my life.

I struggled in my high-tech career back when I was a computer engineer. I was not getting promoted even after working hard in the company. I was getting mad and frustrated until I came across this book.

The first law totally blew my mind. I realized I was blatantly going against it all the time:

  • I was constantly trying to outshine my boss.
  • I would tell him when he was wrong.
  • I would show him and my VP why my ideas were amazing.
  • I was constantly trying to prove how amazing and how smart I was.

But as soon as I read Law 1, I started changing my ways:

  • I made a decision to never try to prove how smart and how talented I was.
  • I stopped trying to prove why I was right and they were wrong, even if that was the case.
  • I stopped trying to impress my boss or my VP.

Within 3 months I got promoted. It was shocking.

Here’s why this law works:

  • The people above you want to appear smarter and more talented than you.
  • When you show off how good you are, others tend to feel insecure. They start to resent and envy you.
  • These people don’t want you to grow and threaten them.


The superiority of a subordinate over his superiors can be fatal for the subordinate. Keep this law in mind.



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