Characteristics Of Customer Centric Enterprise: How To Spot A Customer Focused Enterprise.

customer centric enterprise

As an organisation moves from a product-centric enterprise to a customer-centric one, there are some basic things that will begin to change about the organisation, we want to look at this under four main headings, which are:


  1. Pricing capabilities
  2. Product quality capabilities

iii.       Marketing and sales capabilities

  1. Customer service capabilities




Pricing Capabilities

Customer-centric enterprise tries as much as possible to come up with a price system that guarantees customer satisfaction.


They always come up with products and services of higher value at reasonable prices.


They ensure that they are excellent in whatever they are producing for their customers.


One unique feature of CCEs is that they do not compete with price with the non-customer-centric enterprise.


In this article, we want to look at the attitudes of CCEs in terms of:

  • Pricing capabilities
  • Product quality capabilities
  •  Marketing and sales capabilities
  •   Customer service capabilities




Product Quality Capabilities

In terms of what they produce, CCES’ have higher quality product ranking. They believe that producing quality goods and services at customer-friendly prices will make their customers stick to them forever.


They also make sure that all departments in the organization are quality 1)0th in goods and services to their customers.


Marketing and Sales Capabilities

Customer-Centric Enterprise tries as much as possible to build strong awareness by providing quality service so as to attract more prospects to their Life Cycle.


They can also create opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling. This is a way by which both marketing and sales departments are actively involved in sales. Customers can also help in increasing sales and introducing products to others.


The organisations also develop sales forces with superior technical skills in order to boost sales.

Customer Service Capabilities

Customer-Centric Enterprise has superior pre-sales services capabilities. They are able to educate their prospects on the benefit of using their products. CCES’. They also have well responsive after-sales services which are able to assist customers with any challenges they might be faced with while they use the product.


CCES are also able to rapidly handle customer orders in a way that it boosts customers’ confidence in the organization.

In this article, we have been able to discover:


  • In terms of price, CGES do not compete with Product-centric enterprise. They give customers a “wow” experience with a relatively low price.
  • CCES have higher quality ranking than product-centric enterprise.
  • Marketing, Sales and Customer services departments walk together in relating with customers. It also goes with the ability of the customers to introduce the organization’s product and buy more of the products and services.
  • Customer-centric enterprises have pieces of machinery in place to educate their prospects on the immeasurable benefits of using their products and services.

Brainstorming Session

  1. Discuss the differences between CCEs and PCEs using the following parameters:
    ·      Pricing capabilities.
    ·      Product quality capabilities.
    ·      Marketing and sales capabilities.
    ·      Customer service capabilities.

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