joining a device to a network

MTA 98-368: Joining a Device to a Network In Windows 8.1


When a device is first configured, it actually belongs to a network called a workgroup. A workgroup is a peer-to-peer network in which devices can communicate and share information with each other. Most home-based users of Windows devices will never even realizethey are on a workgroup. In this article, I will talk about joining device to a network. 


A more organized type of peer-to-peer network is a HomeGroup. A single device on the network will start the HomeGroup. The
initiating device, by default, will share pictures, music, video, and printers, but not documents. A device joining a HomeGroup does not
share any of its folders by default.


A device running Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows 8.1 Enterprise can join a domain. A domain, typically found in a business network,
is a client/server network. In a client/server network, one or more central servers control the user names, passwords, file sharing,
permissions, and other network management aspects, such as policies and settings.

In the next exercise, you will join a device to a domain. Note that in order for a device to join a domain, network discovery must be
turned on.

Steps for Completion:

1. On your device, click the Start button. The Start screen will appear.


2. Right-click the PC icon and click Properties.
3. In the Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings area, click Change settings.
4. Click the Change button. The Computer Name/Domain Changes dialog box will appear.
5. Select the Domain option.
6. In the Domain text box, type the name of the domain you are joining.
7. Click the OK button.

8. Enter a user name and password of an account that has
administrative permissions on the network.
9. Click the OK button. If the user name and password is correctly
entered, you will see a message similar to the image on the right:
10. Click the OK button twice.
11. Click the Close button.
12. Restart your device.
13. Upon restart, you will be able to log on to your domain, using your
user name and password for the domain.


Points to Remember:
• Windows 8.1 (Basic) and Windows RT devices cannot join domains.
• Know that by default, a device initiating a HomeGroup does not share out documents.
• Know that by default, a device joining an existing HomeGroup does not share out its own folders.



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