Processing Restitution. RCCG Sunday School Manual.

Processing Restitution. RCCG Sunday School Manual.


Memory Verse: “If the iron be blunt, and he does not whet the edge, then must he put to more strength, but wisdom is profitable to direct”- Ecl. 10:10.

Bible Verse: Genesis 20:1-18.

INTRODUCTION: Sometimes, moving forward may be difficult until we have made the past right. This is important for those who realise that their sin has wonder others and are genuinely sorry as they are eager to obey and please God. 




It is good to sincerely decide to make right the wrongs of the past. However, sometimes in our rush to obediently cooperate with God, or to selfishly get out from under a load of guilt and regret, we rush heading into the act of restitution and end up making a bigger mess instead of learning things (Prov. 26:12; 29:20).


Many stories of restitution often end in great sadness, instead of reconciliation. Hastily plunging into restitution can easily make new wounds and frequently they are bigger than what we are trying to correct. 




When we finally make decisions to make amends for a wrong we have done, there are a few wise steps to consider so that our attempt to make things right does not make them worse instead. 


#1 Counsel: It is best to seek advice before proceeding with resolution so that an advisor can guide us through the correction. There may be legalities that need to be considered and sometimes restitution does not need to be made (Prov. 11:14; Prov. 19:20).

#2 Scope: The general rule is that restitution can be as broad as the choice as the offence. A private offence is settled in private and a public one needs to be settled in public e.g social media (Luke 19:8; Acts 16:37). Outside of getting some counsel, those who are not part of the problem or solution should be involved in the process. If a thing is between you and God, keep it there except maybe with a trusted partner(1 John 1:9; James 5:16). If the thing needs to be made right including the legality, a Christian legal expert may need to be involved (Luke 12:58; 1 Cor. 6:1). 


Sometimes, when civil laws have been broken, it requires a more severe punishment in the form of corrective measures or even imprisonment. This ensures the payment has been sufficient, especially when what was taken or damaged cannot be replaced because no financial material price is sufficient. 


#3 Wait: Restitution is often best made after time is given a chance to work deeper healing, allowing your heart to soften. Patience and self-control are two of the fruit of the spirit (Galatian 5:22-23) and when dealing with a long-standing hurt, it is usually best to pray our heart into a better state before proceeding with the restitution (James 1:4). 


#4 Substitution: if It is not possible to make restitution to the offended person, you find a relative or give it to the Lord. Counsel will help you decide what is appropriate. 

#5: Restitution not reconciliation: Occasionally, reconciliation is not the goal. The relationship may never go back to where it was before the disagreement or wound. We cannot control how people respond and we must not express disapproval if our efforts are rejected. reconciliation is certainly desirable in most cases, but there are some situations where, even though we have apologised, it would be unhealthy or unwise for us, and maybe for them, to resurrect the previous relationship (Genesis 32:12-17). 


CONCLUSION: Restitution gives peace of mind to those who will honestly do it. 



  1. What are the cautions against rushing into restitution? 
  2. How can you process restitution?


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