RCCG SOD Year Eight: This Is Our Daddy. Part Five

RCCG SOD Year Eight: This Is Our Daddy. Part Five


Focus: The Knowledge Of Our Daddy

We want to talk about the knowledge of our Father.

We want to talk about this our Daddy who knows all things. He is the omniscient God. No matter how intelligent a professor may be in this world, his knowledge is limited. I have shared with you before, for a professor to know everything there is to know in mathematics only, he would need at least one thousand years.

How many years will he need to know everything about mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, history and so on? So you can see that the best professor is a little better than a fool. He would be an outright fool of course if he says there is no God, but at least if he knows there is God, then he is a little higher than a fool.


In 1 Corinthians 13: 9, the Bible tells us that we know in part and we prophesy in part, but there is a God, my Daddy, who knows all in all. Not only does He know all subjects, He understands all languages. Isn’t that surprising? I remember years ago, we went to South Korea for a world conference on prayer, and people came from eighty-nine countries. At a certain stage, we were asked to pray in our mother tongues. You should have heard all kind of languages, and the Almighty God understood everyone. This is my Daddy.


In Psalm 139: 2-12, David said it so graphically that my Daddy knows the past, He knows the present and He knows the future. He knows what is happening on earth and He knows what is happening in heaven. He knows what is happening underneath the earth, He even knows what is happening in your thoughts. He knows the word that is in your mouth before it comes out.

In Daniel 2: 22, Daniel said,

“God revealeth the deep and secret things…”

In other words, there is nothing you can hide from Him.

He even knows the one that you don’t even know is there. And then in Hebrews 4: 13, the Bible says there is no creature that is not manifest before my Father.



So what are you going to hide from Him then? He said there is no creature anywhere on earth that is not plainly open before my Father.


In Ezekiel 11: 5, the Bible says that He knows all secrets, even of the mind. This means that there is no secret that you can hide from Him.


In Psalm 90: 8, the Bible says that our secret is in His hands. In other words, all secretes are in the hand of God, including the secret that you say you are hiding, the secret that you don’t want anybody to hear about, the secret that you don’t want to tell your pastor, and the secrets you don’t tell your wife. This is why it is always wise to confess all your sins to Him, because before you begin to confess, He had already known them.


In Numbers 32: 23, the Bible says that your sin will find you out. In other words, when you say you are hiding your sins, you will be amazed when God is going to grab you. He will just get you so easily you will not even be able to say anything.


I remember, at a time, two of my children living somewhere in the country were supposed to be very good friends. One day they came to visit me and they were laughing and smiling, but I said to them; “but Daddy tells me that you are quarrelling.” They said they were not quarrelling. I told them that Daddy said they were quarrelling over food. They accepted and I asked them what the problem was. I told them they could not hide their secret from God. That is why He said your sins will find you out.


There is one important thing, in Job 23: 10, whenever you come to the crossroads and you don’t even know whether to turn right, left, go forward or go backward, call on my Daddy. Job said God knows the way that he (Job) should take. God knows all things, He knows every step you are supposed to take in this world in order for you to reach your goal.


There is something very comforting in Psalm 103: 14.

The Bible says God knows our frame. He remembers that we are dust. Many at times, we are not sure God will understand but He does. He knows our limitations.

I remember in 1981 or 1982, I had been attending to people since 8 a.m. until around 6 p.m. when I just managed to eat a little and then went for our Bible Study (Digging Deep). When I came back, there were people already waiting to see me. I kept praying for people until-10.30 p.m. I then asked my secretary if there were no more people waiting and she said there were about ten more. By this time, my body was aching


and I was very tired. I asked God what I should do and suddenly He said to me ‘ you don’t need to stand up to pray for them. Sit down, touch their head and let them go. They will receive their miracle.’ I was surprised. I said, God, You mean I can sit down and pray. Talking to You the Almighty God sitting down?’ He said He had been a human being like me before and He knew what it meant to be tired. He knows our frame. I am sure you have slept on your knees while praying to God in some instances. It had happened to me too and I was very sad and I thought God would never answer that prayer, but He did, even though He told me not to make a habit of doing it, but still He answered the prayer.


God knows all things and in Psalm 139: 23-24, you may want to serve God completely but you may be con-fused. You may not even know whether you are doing His perfect will or not. At such a time, you can say

‘Search me O Lord, after all, You know all things. You know I want to do Your perfect will. If I make mistakes, You know I do not do it deliberately?

In John 21: 17, the Lord Jesus Christ asked Simon Peter, “Simon, son of Jonah, loveth thou me?”

Peter said, I love You.’ He also said it the second time and the third time. He said, Lord, You know all things.

I know You are referring to the time I denied You, but


You know I did not want to do it. When I said I would sad dhen the Lord said, “I know, that Is why you will stand by You, I meant it.’

keep on leading this people.”


In the time of disappointment, in the time of failure, in the time when your motives and your actions are mis-understood, remember Daddy knows all things. He understands all things.


Psalm 147: 5 says the understanding of our Father is infinite. When you cannot see into the future, don’t worry yourself, Daddy can see into the future.

The Bible says in Acts 15: 8,

“Known unto God are all His works from the foun dation of the world.”


Leave everything in Daddy’s hands. He will take care of you.

In Psalm 139: 14-15, David said,

“I will praise thee, for I am fearfully and wonder fully made.”


One thing is known and is understood, God knows all things. He knows our substance, He is willing to fulfill His purpose for your life. Our own duty, like that of David, is just to praise Him. He is not a stranger to us.

He knows all our problems. In fact, our own responsibility is just to praise Him, co-operate with Him, do whatever He tells us, whether we understand it or not and go wherever He asks us to go whether we know the way or not, because He knows all things.

Why don’t you spend some time with this all-knowing God, hand over to Him your sorrows, your failures and your fears because He knows all things.


Open up to Him, Tell Him everything, Tell Him Daddy, I know what I am about to tell You, You know it already. I need help and I thank You anyway because I know You understand and I know You will help me.

Talk to Him now.


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