RCCG SOD Year Eight: This is Our Daddy Part One

RCCG SOD Year Eight: This is Our Daddy Part One


Focus: Our Daddy Is Powerful

First and foremost, a disciple is a son of God and hence the son should know his Daddy and how big the Daddy is.

How Powerful Is Our Daddy?

In Psalm 50: 21, God accused the children of Israel.

He said, Why do you treat me like a mere man? I am not a man like you, not as weak as you. I am not as limited as you. I am the ‘ALMIGHTY.?

In Psalm 62: 11, the Bible says,

“God has spoken once; twice have I heard this; that all power belongs to God.”


We are talking of Somebody who has the power to do whatever He wants to do. In fact, the Bible says when God said “let there be light,” what happened?

Immediately there was light.

In Psalm 18: 13-15, the Bible says, when God speaks, nobody can pretend he did not hear, because He will speak like thunder. In verse 15, the Bible says that when He speaks, the ocean will open so that the very bottom of the sea will be seen. In Psalm 33: 9, when my Father, speaks, it is done.

He rules by decree. Psalm 150: 1-2 says the whole earth came into existence just because my Father said

“earth be” and earth was and it keeps on being. The earth is keeping on because my Father said “keep go-ing.” In fact, according to Hebrews 1:3, He upholds all things, including the whole universe by His power, by the power of His Word or the Word of His power.

In Psalm 89: 9, the Bible made it clear to us that in this world, there are great men, presidents, chiefs, kings and so on. Then which of them can you compare to my Daddy? Daniel said in Daniel 4: 35 that,

“All the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing…”

That the entire creation, add all the human beings together, all the animals together, all fish, all the birds, everything, the sun, the moon, the stars, combine all of them, my Father will look at them And there is nothing compared to-the Almighty God.

In John 11: 39-44, Lazarus was already stinking, he had been dead for four days and when he heard the voice of my Father, he came back to life, because when death hears His Voice, he will loose his victim.

In Mark 4: 36-41, He spoke once and the raging storm became calm. He said,

“Peace be still.”


I am talking about my Daddy. I am talking about His power. In Mark 5: 1-3, the Bible told us of a man in whom legion of demons had been dwelling. If you bound him, he would break the iron chain. My Daddy spoke one word, “Go,” and all the demons fled. Why did they not wait? They knew who spoke. He speaks and it is done.

He is big and powerful, so much so that there was a time when there was nothing but Him. He existed on His own. He sustained Himself without anybody helping Him. He started creation and He did not acquire His power from any other source. There was a time when there was no earth, no moon, no animals, nothing but in Job 38: 4-6, the Bible says, God, our Daddy alone handled all creation. He is the only One who has all the answers to all the questions that He asked Job. There was once a man that idol worshippers asked to leave their town. The man said that he would leave but they should have a demonstration of who was who in the town. Let us have a show of power. You chant your incantations and I will ask you a few questions. If you can answer my questions, I will leave the town. If you cannot answer my questions, it is you who will leave.’ So they gathered in the market place and the idol worshippers chanted their incantations and when they were tired, he asked them a few questions from Job 38: 46.

He asked them, Tell me, who laid the foundations of the earth?’ As soon as he asked the questions, thunder began to strike and there was confusion.

When we talk of the power of the Word of our God, we need to know that the power and the Word of God can be used interchangeably. In Mark 14: 62 the Bible says Jesus stood at the right hand of the power of God and then in Job 26: 14, the Bible says, the thunder of His power, no one can understand. All we know about the power of God is so little. Many of us do not even know anything at all, but our God is extremely powerful.


What about Habakkuk 3: 4, the Bible says His brightness is as the light and His power is so mighty that absolutely nothing is not under His power. Job 9: 8 tell us that the mighty waves are under my Daddy’s feet.


In Job 38: 11, the Bible made it clear that He alone spreads the heavens and He gave the oceans their boundaries. If you go to the beach, you will see the waves rising high expecting them to carry away the land, but no, the waves have a boundary that they can never pass because of the decree of my Father, because when He speaks it is done. But for the power of God, the ocean would have covered the whole earth. And according to Job 22: 14, my Father walks in the circuit of heaven and the immensity of His power is felt in all the heavens.


In Psalm 104: 3, we have the assurance that our God can work faster than the wind. He can reach His people to help them any time.


In Psalm 89: 13, the Bible says His arms are power-ful. His hand is strong and His right hand is high.



Our reaction to our Daddy should be two-fold.

  • He Can Reduce Other Powers To Powder. When Moses stretched forth his rod toward the Red Sea, all the enemies of Israel were destroyed in one day (Exo-dus 15:11). What was it then that Moses did? Moses sang praises unto God. He said,

“Who is like unto Thee, O LORD? Amongst the gods who is like thee?”

Our miracle is dependent on our understanding of the power of God. His arms are so mighty that He can reduce the power of man to powder. Elijah spoke once and fire descended from heaven; the king’s army was burnt.

(ti) We should know we are serving the One who is fearful in praises. We who are serving Him must know that not only is He glorious in holiness, He is also fearful in praises. And according to Psalm 27: 1, you have only one person to fear in the whole world and that is my Daddy. Once you fear God, you have no man to fear.

Why don’t you go to this God, this powerful God, your Daddy who is glorious in holiness and fearful in praises?

Just worship Him. This is what He wants from you.

Worship Him. He might demonstrate a little of His power in you today.

Worship Him now.



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