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RCCG SOD Year One. Know Your Enemy. Part 4



Now we want to discuss DEMONS. We have talked about the Devil, their captain and now we want to talk about the demons- his assistants. 


Now the word demon is not in the Bible. It comes from the Greek word “Diabolius” which means an adversary, or false accuser or slanderer. This is how we got the English word “diabolical” which means devilish or very evil. 



Now concerning the origin of demons, there are many opinions. Sone say they are pre-adamic ghosts. There are some that say they are the ghosts of offsprings of angels and daughters of men of Noah’s day. 

But it seems most likely that these are former angels who fell with Lucifer because in the Book of Revelations 12:4 when Satan fell he took one third of the stars of heaven with him and you will remember in Job 38:6-7 , angels were referred to as stars

 So if Satan took one third of the stars of heaven with him and stars were called Angels in book of Job, it sounds reasonable that demons are those fallen angels . In fact in Mark 16:17 , the Bible call demons ‘devils’ because the devil himself was once an angel, his angels are called devils.. 

In Matthew 25:41, the Bible says, 

” Hell was prepared for the devil and his angels”. 

So we can see clearly that these demons must be the angels that fell with Satan. That is why they are called the devil angels. What about their nature? 


The nature of demons? 

Their nature varies as it is suggested by their names and we will be talking about this in details later. 

Demons have certain things in common:

#1 They don’t have bodies , unlike human beings.

They are personalities without corporate bodies to live in. As a result of that , they are constantly seeking for bodies to inhabit so that they can manifest and express their personalities through these bodies. 

#2 They cannot be seen with the physical eyes because they are spirits

Now when they are looking for places to inhabit, they prefer human beings. If they can find human beings to inhabit they love that. Certainly , they will not come and inhabit Mr. I am not going to allow them to come in. But when they cannot find human beings, they manage with animals


You remember the story of Garderene demonic when Jesus said the demons in this mad man should come out, they begged him” If you are sending us out , let us go into those pigs. Of we can not have a human being we will manage with pigs”. Of course Jesus allowed then because he knew what he was going to do. When the demons entered into the pigs , the pigs were so angry that these dirty things came to live in them. 


The pigs said they would rather die. Can you imagine that❓ What pigs cannot tolerate, some human beings rejoice in. The Bible says the pigs ran violently into the sea and died there. They said we would rather die than have demons living in us. As far as I am concerned demons will never live in me. I will not allow them. 


#3 They have Freewill

Like human beings, demons have free will- they can decide wat they want to do, In Matthew 12:44, then Bible talks about what happens when you drive a demon out of a man and he goes about looking for a place to dwell and he cannot find one. He will then say, “I will go back to my former house. “You can hear what he says “I will”. Demons have free will like human beings. They can decide what they want to do and that is why they even decided to follow Satan in rebellion against God. They are free to choose and they choose Satan. Thank God, I have chosen to follow Jesus. 


#4 They have faith and believe. 

In James 2:19, the Bible says: 

“You believe there is God. you have done well but the demons also believe and they tremble”.


You know demons have faith. They believe in God’s word than some Christians, They know that the word of God is forever settled. For example, when you read from Matthew 4:3-11, whenever Jesus Christ said “it is written” the devil never challenged him. He knew that the word of God is forever settled. In fact what he did was he tried to quote the word of God too. When he said to Jesus, “change this stone to bread”, Jesus Christ said:


“It is written that thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God, thou shall not live by bread alone” 

Satan did not deny that. He knew the word of God is settled. Another time when he was going to tempt again, he now decide to quote “come down for it is written, he will give charge to his angels concerning you to carry you in their hands so that you will not dash your foot against the stone”.


He knows that the word of God is forever settled. Demons believe the word of God more than many Christians.


#5 Demons are intelligent

 Demons have intelligence too, they are wise. Remember Satan, their number one captain, is full of wisdom; and these demons can recognize people supernaturally by name. They probably recognize those people whose names are already in the Book of life by name. In Acts 19:15, the demon said:

“Jesus I know, Paul I know also”.

Of course by now they know me too, I am happy they know me too, that we are not friends. 

Mark 1:22-24 shows that they have the ability to recognize people supernaturally. 

#6 They know their rights and they will claim them

In Matt. 8:28-29, they even challenged Jesus Christ. they said: 

“Have you come to torment us before our time? We know the time of our torment is coming but the time has not come so you cannot come and torment us before our time”. 

#7 They are defeated already

They know they are defeated , but they try to make the best out of bad situations. In Mark 5: 2-13, the demons said” I know you want us to go, but can we go into the swine? ‘They know how to negotiate. 


#8 They are Expert liars

They are expert liars. Remember their father the devil is called the father of lies. So, if the father is the father of lies, you can be sure his children too are liars.


This is why you must not listen to demons when they are talking to you and you must not talk to them at all. I want you to know that it takes more intelligence to lie than to tell the truth. If you are telling the truth , you don’t have to worry yourself but when you told a lie yesterday you want to tell a new one today. The new one today must cover the one of yesterday and you must keep on scheming so your brain must be working extra hard for you to keep on lying. Jesus Christ said in Luke 16:8 that the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light. Those who are demons or those who work with demons need more intelligence to survive than those of us who are children of light. 


9. Demons are incurably evil. They can never never repent. 


#10 They are wicked

They are wicked according to their ranks. Some of them are more wicked than others. Matthew 12:43-45 tells us that when you drive out a demon, he searches and if he cannot found accommodation and he come back to his house and finds it empty and very clean, the Bible says he will go and look  far more wicked than himself and then he will say come , come to my house, come and live with me. 


#11 Demons vary in wickedness 

Demons vary in wickedness , Some are more wicked than others and they also vary in strength and importance. Some are very strong, they have categories and hierarchies. In Mark 9:29, when the disciples tried to cast out a demon and it would not go out, they came to the Lord to ask why they could not cast it out. 


The Lord said “because of your unbelief” and then He now finally said ” but this type does not go out normally, it requires special prayers and special fasting.” In other words, there are some that go easily but there some that are strong and you need to fast and pray to get rid of them. 


#12 They are highly organised 

Demons are also highly organized, everybody knows his own position; principalities, the powers, ruleers of darkness in high places. They have their degrees, they have captains, they have their majors, they have their colonels. They are highly organized. Their principal assignment is to oppose the saints. They also have their own dotrines. In 1 Timothy 4:1 the Bible says that in the latter times there will be some people who will listen to the doctrines of the devil.


13. Demons have their own doctrines. They have their own teachings. 

#14 They fear God

Demons are afraid of God. James 2:19 tells us that whatsoever they think about God, they tremble and I am happy about that. 


#15 They are subject to Christ. 

In 1 Peter 3:22, the Bible says all principalities and powers are subjected to Jesus Christ, They are subject to us too through Christ because the Bible says in Mark 16:17 that these signs shall follow them that believe , we will cast out and in Luke 9:1 Jesus says He has given us power over all the powers of the enemy and He said, nothing by any means will hurt us and in Matthew 10:1 and 8, he tells us the same thing. 


We have the power over all these three evil forces, through Jesus Christ , so whatsoever may be their origin, our duty is to get rid of them. Just command them to get out and they will obey in the might name of Jesus. 


 This is exactly what we want you to do. 

Command them to get out of your life. Let the, know that you know who you are now. 

Go ahead now , Command them.

Put into action what you have learnt.

Be a doer and not a hearer.

You will be amazed that as the disciples of old said:

“Lord,, even the devils are subject to us through your Name”. They will be subject to you too. 


Command them to leave you alone, in the name of Jesus and they will obey.

Go ahead now and do that. Thank you Jesus.


Action Point

PS: I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you could drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.

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