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RCCG SOD Year One. Know Your Enemy Part 3.

RCCG SOD Year One. Know Your Enemy Part 3.



There are three forces operative on the earth.

  1. There is the positive one; good and benevolent.
  2. There is the negative one; bad and malevolent and;
  3. There is the neutral one.

#1 In other words, these forces are; God, who is totally good, pure, benevolent. According to James 1:17, the Bible says:

“All good and perfect gifts come down from above, from the Father of lights with whom there is no variableness nor shadow of turning”.


Our God is totally Good.


In Matthew 19:16-17, the Bible says:


“There is none good except our God”


#2 The second force is Satan. He is totally bad; he is evil, he is the father of lies, he is a murderer, he is a thief, he is a destroyer, he is an accuser of the brethren, he is an oppressor, all his names are bad. John 8:44 calls him father of lies John 10:10 calls him the thief that comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. Revelation 12:10 calls him the accuser of the brethren.


#3. Then the third force is man, who is supposed to be neutral, but he has the free will to cooperate with God or Satan. So, when he joins with God, the good force will work through him. When he joins with the devil, then the evil force will begin to work through him. According to Romans 6:16, the Bible says:


“…to whom ye yield yourself servant to obey; his servants ye are to whom ye obey”.


The lesson will focus on force number two, that is Satan. Satan is a gangster, he is the number one thug of the universe. He works through four principal agents.


  1. The first agent comprises demons or fallen angels Revelations 12:3-4.
  2. He also works through the cosmic forces of nature according to Job 1:18-19, Mark 4:37-38, shows us he can cause a storm on the ocean to try and drown the disciples with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. He also works through animals like serpents, in Genesis 3:1 or Acts 28:1-6 or Revelations 20:2. He can work with serpents or Lions like in Judges 14:5-6. The lion that attacked Solomon was inspired by Satan and in 1 Samuel 17: 34-36, the Lion that attacked David was inspired by Satan.
  4. In 1 Peter 5:8; Satan himself was even compared to a Lion! Satan can also operate through human beings like Job’s wife in Job 2:3-9, like Noah’s children in Genesis 9:20-25 and Lot’s children in Genesis 19:30-38 or Abraham’s wife in Genesis 16:1-6 or Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5:1-3 or Miriam and Aron in Numbers 12:1-5 and of course the biggest of them all is Judas Iscariot John 13:26-27.

In other words, Satan is a thug, he is the number one thug of the universe but he does not move or operate alone. He works with demons, he works with the forces of nature. He works with animals like serpents, like Lions , at times like cats but he cannot use dogs and then of course he can use human beings: all kinds off human beings ; people’s children , people’s wives people’s brothers and sisters like Aaron and Miriam and of course he can use the so called disciples.


Why does Satan use Mediums? Why does he use other people? If you believe that he does not exist, he likes it if you ignore him and say “oh, there is no Satan or if Satan is there “I don’t care” that makes him very happy, it is like somebody coming home and then he suddenly sees somebody under his bed. “Ah! Who is this fellow? Oh! Well, he has no guns, no cutlasses. He is no problem”. Then he shuts the door and goes to bed without getting rid of that man under the bed. When he wakes up in the morrow, there will be nothing left in his house,

And there are some people who say Satan is already defeated, which is true. Our Lord has defeated him at Calvary but that is no reason why we should ignore him. We must deal with Him. When he knows that you have recognized him and that you are about to do something about it, he can begin to change colours. He can become like an angel of light, according to 2 Cor. 11:44. As a disciple, you must WATCH OUT. You must know you are dealing with a very clever enemy.


  1. He will attack when you are weakest. He will not want to attack you when you are very strong. Take note of this.
  2. He also wants to attack when you are relaxed, for instance when you are relaxing after fasting and praying.
  3. He will also attack immediately after victory, when you have just won a victory. He knows that at that time you are not expecting him to attack, so will want to come in. He attacks when your guards are down.


  1. When the Lord had been fasting for forty days and Forty nights, when he knew Jesus was very tired and hungry, that was when he came, in Matthew 4:1-3. Unfortunately, he miscalculated. He thought that physical weakness means weakness with the spirit. He did not know that our Lord was razor sharp after forty days of fasting.
  2. You will remember that we talked about him attacking after a victory. In the story of David after he had killed Goliath and he was rejoicing “Oh, I have won. I am a victor”, something happened in 1 Samuel 18:6-9. The Bible says that when David was returning from the slaughter of the Philistines, the daughters of Israel began to sing, Satan taught then a song and they sang, “Saul has killed his thousands, David has killed his ten thousand”. The Bible says when Saul heard it, he said “is that so, so they want to take the crown from me and give it to this boy” and that day David got the biggest enemy of his life , immediately after a great victory.

3. You know the story of Joshua, the wall of Jericho had just fallen, and the Israelites were all rejoicing “Oh, we won by just shouting halleluiah,. “The greatest One is on our side”. While they were rejoicing, the devil moved again and got a man to go and steal from one of the things God said they should not touch. Just a few days later the children of Israel were running from their enemies. (Joshua 7). 



So, what do we do? What does God expect from us as the disciples of Jesus Christ so that the enemy can never overcome us? God expects actions from us against the enemy every time. For example, when Peter came face to face with Simon the Sorcerer in Acts 8:9-28, the Disciples had gone from Jerusalem to Samaria and as Peter was laying hands on the new converts, they were receiving the power of the Holy Spirit. The sorcerer came and said “take money, give me power so that when I lay my hands on people they will be baptized in the Holy Spirit” Peter said “your money perish with you”. That is not a language of a gentleman. But, as I told you before, the only language the devil understands is the language of violence. 


Peter did not say “Oh my weak brother Simo0n why should you be saying this now.” No, he said “Your money perish with you” because he knew he was dealing with the Satan in that Simon. God expects actions from us, His disciples, against the devil. We must never give Satan an inch. We must not praise him. We must not honour him; we must not fear him, and we must not give him breathing space because the Bible says in Ephesians 4:27


“Don’t give place to the devil”.


Don’t give him an inch. If you give him an inch , he will take a mile. You must resist him steadfastly. You must fight a sustained unending battle with him. That is what the Bible says in 1 Peter 5:8-9. Resist him steadfastly, fight him everyday, morning, afternoon, evening and even in the nighttime. Anywhere you see him, fight him. 


In fact, the Bible says you are to carry the battle to his gates, in other words when he is not attacking you, he is planning something. Don’t give him room at all. Jesus had promised that the gates of hell shall not prevail. In Matthew 6:18, he said you should go to the gate of the enemy and attack his gates and the gates will crumble.


Remember God is counting on you. 

The Bible says in Revelation 12:10-11,

“They overcame by the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.”


They overcame him. The disciples overcome him. The witness of the Lord overcome him by the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, not even counting their lives unto death. 


God is counting on you for victory against all forces of darkness. 


Right now. Stand up and say: 



Resist him and he will flee from you.

Action Point

PS: I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you could drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.

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