RCCG SOD Year Three. Transferring The Anointing

RCCG SOD Year Three. Transferring The Anointing


Anointing is like heat. It can be transferred in three ways:


  1. By conduction – that means there will be physical contact between the one who has the anointing and the one to whom the anointing is going to be transferred.
  2. By convection – In other words, to transfer the anointing to a certain object, that thing would carry the anointing to one who actually wants it. For example, you can anoint a handkerchief and then send the handkerchief to someone who needs anointing. That one is transferring anointing by convection.
  3. By radiation – The third way of transferring anointing is by radiation. Like we just throw a stone, for example, from one man to another; transferring the anointing over a distance without any physical contact.





  1. Peter, when he was talking to the lame man at the Beautiful Gate in Acts 3: 1-3. Alter Peter told the lame to walk, and nothing happened, Peter grabbed him by the hand; anointing flowed through Peter to the lame man, and the lame man was healed.



  1. There is also the example of Elijah versus the dead child in I Kings 17:17-22 when the child of the widow with whom Elijah was staying died. Elijah laid on the child. There was body contact between the two of them. So anointing from Elijah flowed to the dead child and brought that child back to life.


  • Elisha did exactly the same thing in II Kings 4:32-35 and in II Kings 13:20-21, the Bible said anointing was transferred from the bones of Elisha to the dead man.


  1. Also in Acts 20:7-12, Paul was preaching, he preached a long sermon. There was this young boy, Eutychus who was sitting on the window and he fell asleep and fell down and died. When Paul got down he laid on him. There was bodily contact and then there was transferred anointing and the child came back to life.


  1. In Deuteronomy 34:9, the Bible says: “Moses laid his hand on Joshua and transferred anointing to him and Joshua became full of wisdom.”




About the example of convection, that is, passing the anointing into a medium and the medium takes the anointing to the recipient.


  1. A very good example is that of Paul, in Acts 19:11-12,

“And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul: So that from his body where brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them; and the evil spirits went out of them.”

In other words, the anointing of Paul was transferred into pieces of cloth and these pieces of cloth carried the anointing to those people who needed deliverance and healing.


Another example is Peter. In Acts 5:15-16, the Bible says they laid sick people on a street, they said just let the shadow of Peter touch them’ and as many as the shadow touched, were healed. In other words, the anointing of Peter was transferred into his shadow and the shadow carried the anointing to the sick people.



  1. In the case of Philip in Acts 8:5-8, the Bible says when the demons began to hear what Philip was saying, they started screaming and they started getting out and he didn’t touch them. He didn’t send a handkerchief to them. As he was speaking, the anointing in him was jumping upon those who are demon-possessed and several people received their healing and deliverance.


2. Peter healed by speaking the word (Acts 9:32-34 and 36-40). Here we find Peter healing a man who was sick his bed whose name was Aeneas. He just said Aeneas, God has made you whole, the Lord has healed you. Immediately Aeneas was healed.


  • In fact, when he raised Dorcas from the dead, he just said, Dorcas get up and the anointing was transferred.


In Acts 13:6-12, Paul said to a man who was hindering his preaching and said, “be blind.” That’s what he said and the fellow became blind.


In Acts 14:8-11, we saw Paul healing in the same manner. Paul healed a lame man by speaking to him.


And in Acts 16:16-18, we saw Paul casting out demons in the same manner.


  • Calling down fire from heaven. This is a special case of anointing by radiation.


We discovered that all those men with anointing that can bring down fire from heaven were always found on mountain tops. The first fellow to do it was Elijah (I Kings18:36-38) on Mount Carmel. In II Kings 1:9-12, he was on top of a hill and he called down fire three times. Why is it that these people are always on the mountain top when they are calling down fire? You probably have seen what is called the thunder-arrester.


You will find that on top of a very high building, they will put something like a very sharp iron, and then they connect it to the ground. In other words, whenever thunder wants to strike a house, that sharp iron that is higher than anything else, will catch the thunder and arrest it and bring it to the ground, so that the house can be saved.


May be you have noticed that when great saints of God want to pray, they combine their hands and it forms the shape of thunder catcher. They know what they are doing. When they combine their hands, they want to catch thunder from heaven. They want to bring fire down and of course if they have the right anointing, they can catch fire anytime. What do you think will happen when they now lift the two hands, one to the right and one to the left? They lift the two hands, so that the two hands can catch fire.


You see what happened in Exodus 17:11-13. The story goes thus, the Amalekites came to fight against the children of Israel and Moses said to Joshua, you go and fight I will go to the hill top. I will go and catch fire from there and bring it down to you. When Moses was on the hill top, where it was easy for the thunder catcher to do his work, he lifted his hands and he kept on catching fire, passing it to the people fighting below, and when he became tired, and there was no more thunder-arrester, then the enemy began to win.


Then Aaron and Hur, discovered that Moses’ outstretched hands, were bringing the miracle so they said “well we will help him.” One stood on his right, and the other on the left, and they lifted his two hands. They kept the two hands up, until total victory was won.


What we are saying now to you disciples is that you too should practice the thunder catching today; I am talking of living thunder. And we want you to lift your hands to heaven and cry to God. Ask for the anointing that will break the yokes in your life, in your family life, in your church, in your home, in your city, even in this nation. Call on the Almighty God in heaven and you will see what will happen.



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