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Exposed: Top 7 Facebook Feed Shopify Apps

Top 7 Facebook Feed Shopify Apps



Since its launch, Facebook has been the most talked-about social media platform. For a simple reason: it provides various mediums to its users to express themselves. Even businesses leverage the variation of content as embed these posts on their Shopify websites by using Facebook Feed Shopify apps.

These apps sync Facebook with the stores and display Facebook feeds on the Shopify store, making the website attractive and pleasing to the eyes. These apps not only enhance the beauty of your website but also provide a great boost to your business. 


Shopify has over 4000 apps in their App Stores, and for your convenience, we searched for the best Shopify Facebook feed apps available on the App Stores and based on features, uses, and pricing, we have prepared this list of 7 best Facebook Feed Shopify apps that stand tall on all the parameters. 


7 Best Facebook Feed apps for Shopify

Facebook Feeds by Tagembed

Facebook Feeds app by Tagembed is an outstanding Shopify Facebook Feed app. It is quick, responsive and cost-effective. In addition, it is easy to use and install and does not require any coding skills or knowledge while operating. It is a great app that helps you to aggregate content from all social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc related to your business and displays them beautifully on the Shopify store. It is compatible with 15+ other social media platforms, which means you can use it to collect feeds and posts from various other social media platforms.



With such fierce competition in the market, it becomes essential for businesses to enhance the appeal of their website to attract visitors. The customization features help you to achieve this feat, as the app allows the user to change the font size, font style, background colour, etc., of the feed and match it with the website’s style. A good-looking website creates a great impact, as it generates a positive impression on the visitors, and which eventually sparks interest in visitors’ minds. CTA has its own importance in the e-commerce industry and if you want to increase conversions on the website then a good looking CTA is a must to have. Tagembed Facebook feed Shopify app allows you to create customized CTA on your all feeds with the product URL directly. 



As we know, Facebook provides complete freedom to its users to express themselves. While many people positively utilize this freedom, at the same time, there are some portion of people who misuse this freedom and post abusive and spam posts related to a particular brand. And it might concern you that posts with obscure content might get a feature while displaying the feed, right? Don’t worry, the app has the solution to that as well, it provides a moderation feature where you can monitor the feed and filter out all spam and unwanted content, you can even automate the process with a profanity filter.


The profanity filter automatically blocks the content containing mention words. Moreover, if there are posts on any Facebook page or account that you don’t want to display on the website, the app blocks them as well. It is considered as Best app to embed Facebook reviews widget on website


Flexify: Facebook Product Feed by Flexify AG

This is another useful app, as it allows you to sync the Facebook Product Catalog with your Shopify. In addition, it helps to generate creative sales advertisements for your products. In today’s world, where brands spend huge amounts on their advertising to stay relevant in this competitive market, Flexify can easily fit your budget and provide effective results.


Moreover, the feeds are responsive, which means it doesn’t matter if your visitor is using any mobile, tablet or PC, the charm of your feed remains the same. You don’t have to make adjustments and edits to the feed according to different screen sizes.


Facebook Feed by Littledata

Moving from one amazing Facebook product feed solution to another, after all, the business eventually relies on advertising and sales for its survival.


Facebook Feed Shopify app by Littledata provides a smooth synchronization between your Facebook Product Catalog and Shopify and also amplify product images and descriptions.


It allows you to display up to 500 products for free, while the Pro plan displays Unlimited products on the Shopify website. In addition, the app beautifies the website as it automatically resizes images for optimized Facebook Ads. Considering the pricing and features, it is one of the most amazing apps on the Shopify App Store.


Facebook Feed by Elfsight

Elfsight is one of the popular social media aggregators that helps users collect social media content from various social media platforms and displays them beautifully on the website. In addition, it provides a dedicated Shopify Facebook feed app under the name of – Facebook feed. 


If you run a business page on Facebook, this is a useful tool, as it allows the user to integrate a business page on the Shopify website.


Through this integration, you can display the posts on your page on your Shopify stores. Moreover, as you add content on your Facebook page, the app automatically showcases it on your website; there is no need to refresh the feed manually or hire any specialist for the operations.

Awesome Facebook Product Feed by Awesome Store Apps

This is one of the most useful tools in the Shopify App stores, as it helps businesses to generate revenues. It automatically builds the product feed and automates the process.


Occasionally, merchants face the problem due to language barriers, the app solves this problem as allows users to choose a multi-language feature. Moreover, it even supports the multi-currency feature. You can integrate it with Facebook Ads.

Facebook Feed & Google Feed by Fast Simon, Inc.

Occasionally visitors face difficulties as eStores display out-of-stock products. The app helps to solve this problem as it provides real-time updates for inventory and prices. In addition, the app harnesses machine learning and AI to create product variant feeds from Facebook Shop. Other than Facebook, it is compatible with Google, Pinterest product feeds, and Bing Ads.

Facebook Channel by Shopify

Facebook Channel by Shopify allows you to manage all your Facebook accounts and products in one place. Once you connect your account, all your Shopify products will sync to your catalogue on Facebook. Other than Facebook, the app is also compatible with Instagram.

Summing It Up

Facebook is a powerful social media platform. And by integrating it with Shopify, you can create wonders for your business. As we all know, Shopify provides great support to its users by providing very useful apps that only help the business to boost their reach but also helps them to generate revenue. The tools mentioned above allow you smooth integration with Facebook and offer great features that give you an edge over your competitors.

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