The Devil's Battle Cry. RCCG SOD Year Three

The Devil’s Battle Cry. RCCG SOD Year Three

The Devil’s battle cry is a kind of standing battle order for all demons against the dicsiple. It is an order that Satanm has given to all the demons concerning youn is, break the fellowship between him and the Lord. Break that Fellowship.


Every time Devil goes to report to Satanthat a particular Pastor, Evangelist or disciple is troubling the kingdom of the devil, the devil will tell him, Go and break the fellowship between him and the Lord, by sin or by diosobedience, It is not a new method; he has been using that method from time immemorial. He succeeded in the Garden of Eden, he succeeded against Abraham, he succeeeded against David, so we just want to look at two classical examples where this battle cry of the devil was very successful.



The first concerns the nation of Israel. You will find story in Numbers 23:25. The children of Israel were going to the Promised Land and they were conqwuering all the way. 


Anyone who faced them, they destoryed and they got to the land of a certain king called Balak who had heard about all that the children of Israel had done to all other kings. 


There was a certain prophet name Balaam . Whatever he spoke came to pass. So Balak sent for Balaam and said, “There is a great people, greater than me and my nation; If I dont do something about them, they will overpower us, come and curse them, I know they will be destroyed. And if you do that, I will pay you a lot of money”. Balaam said, “God, shall I go?” God said, “no, how can you go against my people?”. So he sent back to the king and said “I am sorry I’m not coming”. The king sent again, Balaam asked God, Shall I go? God said I have already told you that you should not go but if you want to gom go”.


So Balaam went. When Balaam arrived and he named his price and asked the King, “Bring me this , bring me that, so I can curse the nation of Israel”. The king provided all he demanded for the sacrifice. When Balaam opened his mouth to curse Israel, instead of curses , blessings were flowing forth and so Balak became angry. I asked you to curse them , I dont say bless them . He tried the second time, instead of curses came blessings. He tried the third time, blessings. So at a stage, Balak had to say to him, listen , if you are not going to curse them, dont bless them”.


Matthew 24:12-19, You see , before Balam left he said , “Alright, nobody can curse these people because God has blessed them”. 


He said, let me teach you a method, if you can cause these people to go against their own God, if there can be a seperation between the two of them, if you can break the fellowship between them and their God , then you will not even need to fight them, it is their God who will finish them. 


 So, the children of Israel were invited to a Peace feast.  A lot of food and drinks were prepared and the enemies scantly dressed daughters served the children of Israel. The men of Israel were looking at beautiful ladies. Gradually, they began to touch them. Before king, they were commiting adultery with them, God had earlier warned them not to take a wife from among them (Numbers 25:9). Without Balak raising his sword, look at what happened. When God became angry with the Isrealites (verse nine), twenty four thousand died and the devil kept laughing. Balak did not raise a sword , all he did was he succeeded in breaking the fellowship between the nation of Israel and their God.



  Another example is the case of Samson. When Samson was in fellowship with his God, there was no enemy strong enough to stand. In Judges 14:5-6, when the lion roared against him, he took the lion and tore it into small pieces like a small goat. In Judges 15:11-15, this man single-handedly killed a thousand men. In Judges 16:1-3 , Samson was in the city , the city of Gaza, the gates were shut and the gate of the city in those days were very mighty. They said we will kill him when it is in the morning. 


At midnight, because God was with him, when he got to the gate, he uprooted the gte and carried it to the long distance before dropping it. When the demons there reported to Satan, They said, . look at what Samson is doing to us. The devil kept on saying, Break hisb fellowship with God. You still remember the story in Judges 16. After the hair was removed, Delilah said the Philistines are in the house and Samson said I will arise as before, I will go out and destory them. And the Bible said , He didnt know that God had left him. 


So when the fellowship between an man and his God is broken, troubkle comes. Then you see one thing about Samson. After some time, after they removed his eyes, they put him into the kitchen to be grinding corn. This mighty man of God , after he started dancing for the idols of the enemy, was sorry. He cried to God to help him. “Let the fellowship be restored once more”. And the Bible said the hair of his head started growing again. As soon as his fellowship was restored , trouble came for his enemy again. In fact, the Bible says that people that he killed in his death were more than those he killed in his life. 


When the fellowship was restored, power came agaihn. IS YOUR FELLOWSHIP TO YOUR GOD INTACT? Or is it about to break? Or is it broken already? You know yourself, you can talk to him now. If it is already broken, cry to him for restoration, if it is not very steady, you better be careful. If there is fellowship between you and Him and everything is intact, you better pray that nothing will tamper with that fellowship.


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PS: I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you could drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.

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