Top 9 Things To Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

Top 9 Things To Consider Before Installing Solar Panels


Every serious purchase requires careful planning and thorough consideration. Solar panel installation is no different. For most of the products and services, you can go check the quality and find something tailored to your needs and requirements. But when it comes to solar panel installation, comparing the different products cannot give never give you an accurate idea. That’s because the effectiveness of solar panels depends on several other factors than the specifications of the product.
If you are planning to utilize solar energy, it’s imperative to consider the following factors.




#1 What Is The Shape And Current Condition Of Your Roof?

Checking the current condition of your house roof is a good starting point. How old is your roof? Does it need repairs or replacements? Before you go ahead with solar panel installation, consider the shape of your roof as well. Make sure that the roof has enough space to house the panels. The best approach is to hire a professional to get your roof inspected.

#2 Is Your Roof Type Capable Of Handling The Additional Weight?

Solar panels put additional weight on the roof structure. Other than verifying the fitness of your roofing system, check if the particular roof type is capable of enduring the weight. Solar panels can be installed on nearly every roof type provided its good condition and the expertise of the installation contractor.


#3 How Long Will You Stay In The House?

The upfront cost of the solar panel installation is pretty high. While you will see a significant reduction in the energy bills after the installation is complete, it will take at least 5-6 years before your investment pays off. One simple way to see if it’s right for you or not is to know how long will you stay in the house. If you are planning to stay for the long term, investing your money in solar panel is a great idea.


#4 What Is The Average Electricity Consumption Of Your House?

Every household consumes a different amount of energy. It all depends on the appliances you are using, the number of people living in your home, and the size of your house. Conduct energy audits to see the average electricity consumption of your house. The quality of house insulation can also impact your energy needs.


Once you know the figures, it’s easier to assess if your roofing system can house a sufficient number of solar panels. Hire an experienced professional to make the assessments.



#5 Do You Have Proper Building Permits?

Search all the relevant information about your local building permits and read them thoroughly. It’s a great idea even when you are working with a solar panel installation company. Without having proper building permits, you may be required to pay fines or remove the panels later. Follow the rules and regulations applied to your municipality to avoid any unpleasant consequences.



#6  Is The Installation Cost Efficient?

One of the most commonly asked questions is about cost-efficiency. As the solar panel market is expanding every year, increased competition is providing affordable options for homeowners.
If you want to calculate the cost efficiency of your installation, consider the upfront cost, federal and local tax credits, and subsidies to your panel price. Again, a professional can help you make better decisions. Keep in mind that you will have to wait for a few years before the investment fully pays off.



#7 Did You Shop Around For Affordable Deals?

Take benefit of the competitive pricing and shop around for affordable deals. A lot of homeowners put down the idea of solar panel installation due to the high installation costs. Make sure you have checked all the possible discounts available.


#8  Are There Any Warranties?

Solar panels have to endure harsh weather conditions. If anything happens to them, it’s great to have warranties. That’s why warranties are an important aspect of protecting your solar panels. Three types of warranties exist for solar panels (energy efficiency), installation, and equipment respectively.


#9 Is The Installation Contractor Worth His/her Salt?

Once you decided to install solar panels, one last checkpoint is the professional competence of the contractor. Check the reputation of the company to see if the contractor is worth his/her salt. If you are considering DIY, experts say that it’s best left to the professionals.



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