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Types Of E-Commerce Classifications: The Various Types



In my previous article, I have tried to look at the origin or evolution of e-commerce from where it started up to where it is now.


In this article, I want to look at the different types of e-commerce classifications that you should know as a Digital Marketer. Follow me as we are going to look at that in this article.



#1 Business To Business

This type of e-commerce model allows businesses to transact businesses together. When this happens, it is very possible that the two businesses are online or one of the businesses are online.


Take, for example, the relationship between Jumia and DHL. DHL can assist Jumia in delivering products that are sold online to their doorsteps. This can help in increasing sales turnover for the online business.

#2 Business To Consumer 

We can also have businesses leveraging on the internet in order to serve their customers.


In this kind of business model, individuals might be asked to sign up in order to be able to buy products and services and get more from what the organisation has to offer.


A good example is e-commerce websites such as Jumia and Amazon where customers can visit and purchase products and services that they have for sale.



#3 Consumer To Business 

This is another type of business model classification when it comes to e-commerce. Here, individuals can offer their services to businesses and get paid in return.


Take, for example, we have individuals that register on freelance platforms such as Fiverr and Elance and they are paid for services they are rendering on those platforms. Some Bloggers also have Google Adsense and Admob accounts that allow Google to display ads on their blogs and Apps.

#4 Consumer To Consumer

This is an electronic e-commerce platform where a single organisation is able to create a platform that allows two customers to transact businesses together.


In this kind of platform, the customers always exchange old products in return for money. Take, for example, I have an old router that I want to sell. I can always upload it to a Consumer to Consumer platform and get paid for such products or services.


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