Elements Of Computer Security: Highlighting What Computer Security Entails.

Elements Of Computer Security: Highlighting What Computer Security Entails.


In my previous article, there are several things that I have said about computer security. In this article, I really want to clear some doubts.


I will be talking about some of the elements of computer security so that users can understand what computer security is all about. Follow me as we are going to look at that together in this article.

#1 Confidentiality

This has to do with ensuring that information is only accessible to only those that are authorised to view that information. It will ensure that information is not unnecessarily tampered with.

#2 Authenticity 

This has to do with assurance of the origin of the information. There are ways that senders and receivers can always follow in order to ensure that the information is actually coming from the right source.

 #3 Integrity

Integrity in computer security has to do with ensuring that information is complete, original and that they have not tampered. All this ensures that the receiver can trust that the information; that are been received are in the original state as sent by the sender.

#4 Availability

It has to do with ensuring that the information is available to the right user at the right time without any delay whatsoever. As long as the user has the right credentials, they must be able to assess all the necessary information. That they need.

#5 Non-repudiation

Non-repudiation is a process or technology that ensures that a party to information is not able to deny the fact that they are the one that signed a particular document. It allows the receiver to trace the exact origin of the document that they have received.


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