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Developing User Interface And Contents: Major Considerations


In my previous article, I have talked about some of the processes that are involved in website creation, in this article, I want to look at some of the considerations when you are developing user interfaces and content for websites. Follow me as we are going to look at that together in this article.



Some of you might be wondering why user interfaces are very important when it comes to website creation, you need to know that, no matter how colourful or beautiful your website is, users will not return back to your website for more content if they find it difficult to find what they are looking for. If you have a poor conversion on your website and you have done all that you could, the next thing that you should suspect is your poor user interface. Now, let us look at some of the facts that should consider when you are developing your user interface.



#1 Spider friendly content

The very first thing you need to do is to develop contents that are spider-friendly. There is no other good source for traffic than search engines. Nothing beats that. If you have means of monetization on your website and you are not getting traffic from search engines, you will see that your earnings will be very low. So, you need to consider search engines when you are developing your content. You have to write contents that read from left to right and from top to bottom. This will allow Spiders to understand your website and index your contents appropriately.


#2  Create a robot. Txt files

There is a need for you to also create robot.txt files that will also enable search engines to understand your content better. I can say that I personally do not know how to create robot.txt but most times, it also comes with some of the plugins that you are using for Search Engine Optimization. If you are not sure that it has been included, you can actually install a separate plugin that will install robot.txt files on your cpanel.



#3 Title

Also, you need to ensure that the main page of each site should be the title of the page or article. That tells you that nothing should come before the title of the page. You should avoid a situation where other texts appear above the title of the page. This will prevent a situation where you are confusing the spider about what a particular page is all about. It will allow the page or the post to rank better on search engines.



#4 Java code issues
Also, you need to understand that most spiders cannot read Javascript. That is why you should not make Javascript the main script on your website. All Javascripts should be kept in an external file away from search engines. All you need to do is to link those external files where Javascripts are kept. This will ensure that you are not discouraging the spider from indexing your website.



#5 Avoid all-flash website
Also, when you are creating your website, you should avoid a situation where you are creating an all-flash website. A good example of that is when you have too much slider content on your website. It can actually affect the loading time of the website. This might also discourage Search Engines from indexing such websites as well.



#6 Alt text
Also, when it comes to the use of images on your website, you should always cultivate the habit of naming your images. This will assist the spiders to know what the images are all about. You need to know that Search Engines cannot read images. It is the name that you give to images that will allow the spiders to know what the images are all about. This will allow your website to rank better when it comes to image SEO.



#7 Needless Tables

Also, as part of your efforts towards having a good interface on your website, you should not include Tables if now that they will help to buttress your point. When it comes to using tables, it should be your last resort. You should only use it when you feel that, that is the only means of explaining the content better. You should know that you have a different calibre of people visiting your website, if the tone of your conversations is too serious, it may discourage them from revisiting your website.
Other things to note…

  • Repeat menu options in plain text at the bottom of the page if you cannot use CSS.
  • Use of hover feature of CSS instead of creating mouseovers
  • Define header tags in CSS form and use the header tags for titles and secondary titles within the webpage.
  • Use only one h1 tag to avoid spamming the search engine.
  • <title><title> is the most important element for the SEO of the web page.
  • Avoid pages that are three tables deep. Search Engines always ignore these.

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