Strategy And Technology For Website Design: How To Create A Winning Website

Strategy And Technology For Website Design


In many of my previous articles, I have talked about some of the processes that you have to follow when you want to have a good website. In this article, I want to talk about how to develop a strategy and technology for website design. Follow me as we are going to look at that in this article.



#1 Research

One thing is very sure, in my own part of the world, we are so lazy when it comes to carrying out intensive research. I have also observed that for most projects, people do not always take time to consider the alternatives before they will actually choose a particular technology. You need to find time to analyse technology and understand the Pros and Cons of that particular technology before you will actually decide on a particular technology that you will go for.



There are times that people have gone for a particular technology and website development and they later discover that, that particular technology will lead to a lot of complications. You can avoid some of these complications by asking pertinent questions anytime you want to choose any technology.


You need to understand the good, the bad and the ugly side of any technology that you want to adopt. You have to know if you have the required skill sets to manage that particular technology.



What are some of the challenges that you are likely to face in its implementation? All these have to be answered before you can be talking of using a particular method for your website creation.


Also, you will not want to complicate issues for yourself, therefore you need to choose a technology that will make things easier for you. It is observed that most people are always funding choosing technologies that have not been tested. When they now want to use this for website implementation, some issues will start coming up that they will not be able to resolve.



You should try and prevent a scenario where you have to abandon your project because you have issues that you are not able to resolve. Make sure you have answers to all pertinent questions before you embark on your project.


#2 Identify Scope

When it comes to managing projects, there is something we normally referred to as Scope Creep. This happens when new requirements are added to the existing and you have not planned for it.


This will make you spend money on requirements that you have not planned for. You should try and avoid a scenario where scope creep happened in your project. Before you start your project. Make sure that requirements have been gathered and stakeholders have all agreed on the scope of the project. That is when you can now plan on how the project scope will be actualized.



Also, when it comes to managing your project, you need to understand the scope of your project. You need to understand what scope should be included or not included in your project. This will allow you to plan on the successful implementation of your project. Without successful scope management planning, your project will hit a brick wall.


#3 Be realistic

When it comes to website design and implementation, there is a need for you to be realistic with the project. You need to know whether you have the required resources and tools needed to achieve the project objective. Your planning should be based on what your resources can achieve. You should never start what you cannot finish at the end of the day.


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