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Examining Home Computers Vulnerabilities: How It Can Be Addressed


Examining Home Computers Vulnerabilities: How It Can Be Addressed



In my previous article, I have talked about some of the facts that you need to know about layers of computer security. In this article, I want to talk about some of the actions that make home computers vulnerable.

#1 Low-level security awareness

One of the reasons why home users are open to attacks is because of they little or no knowledge about computer security.

They do not know what they actually need to do in order to secure their devices. This allows hackers and crackers to take undue advantage of them.

#2 Default settings

Another mistake that opens home users to attacks is that they always retain default computer settings.

A new device will not have a password or fingerprints. It has a simple password which hackers can guess easily. If you fail to change these default settings, you are setting yourself up for more attacks.

#3 Increasing online activities

Another problem with home users is that they are always careless when they are online.

What they forget is that when they are online, they are connected to a network of networks. They are open to more attacks and some of them are even surfing the internet without having good anti-virus software.

#4 Little or no investment

There are many home users that always find it difficult to invest in Security.

They want everything absolutely free. Some cannot even afford to spend at least $10 to bit a good antivirus.

The first thing they will finish to go online and be looking for free antivirus. They ended up downloading Trojan horses.

#5 Not following security policies

Another major problem is that most home users always fail to follow standard security policies and procedures.

When home users fail to follow simple security measures that should have kept them away from troubles, they will end up entering into more troubles. 

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