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Forgive As You Are Forgiven. AG Daily Devotional.


Wednesday 27th September 2023


“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy”(Matthew 5:7).


Matt 18:22 – 35

Nehemiah 6-7


Here we see that one of the attributes of the children of God, followers of Jesus Christ, is being merciful just as God is merciful, “Therefore, be merciful just as your Father also is merciful” (Luke 6:36).

The implications are that we should forgive offenders as God does; we should be compassionate as God is; we should be kind as God is and we should be gracious as God is. What a beautiful home, community, Church, and nation we would have if we all possessed this Divine attribute!


Let it be stated that mercy is not obtained on a silver platter. It is difficult to let go a debtor or an offender of any degree or do good to anyone who doesn’t deserve it. Based on this, the candidate for mercy must humble himself, swallow his pride and ego and sincerely plead for mercy, either from God or human beings.


In Matt 18:22-35, the narrative is about a certain servant whose debt was canceled by his master because he didn’t have the money to pay. His master showed him mercy because he pleaded with him. He wasn’t arrogant; he didn’t insult his master but displayed deep humility which attracted pity. His example is worthy of emulation.


However, this same man who enjoyed such magnitude of mercy refused to extend the same to his fellow servant who owed him much less and who also pleaded for mercy, yet he hardened his heart and threw him into prison till he should pay all that he owed him. This news got to his master who quickly revoked his debt cancellation.

Hence, we should be merciful to one another as God is merciful to us (Eph 4:32). Those who are merciful shall continually enjoy God’s mercy and the blessings thereof.

Show mercy when men are at your mercy.


Lord, help me to be like you in being merciful to my fellow men. Take away from me the spirit of pride, arrogance, wickedness and vindictiveness.






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