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How Blogs Can Complement Websites: A Practical Guide.


How Blogs Can Complement Websites: A Practical Guide.



As you will find out later on, blogging brings many benefits to a business. One of the main reasons for blogging as a business is to provide more information to your potential customers.

The company website provides information to all of the visitors, but this content is more static and general. Therefore, a blog is a perfect way to complement your website with more information and content that is more dynamic, which means it is regularly updated. A blog also allows you to implement an abundance of keyword-rich materials which is an ideal way to attract relevant search engine queries and position your blog among the top search engine results.

The content that can complement your website include:
• How-to articles
• Guides
• Product details and specification
• Product introduction
• Product comparison
• Demonstration of product features

• Information about the events you are organizing/participating in
• Company news and updates

Besides more information about products and product usage, the main distinction a blog can bring to your website is personalization. While website content is more across-the-board, blogging can bring that level of personalization necessary to create a bond with your visitors.

Using the status of an individual as a blog author can help you create content which is more individualized and targeted at specific visitors within your target group.

The bottom line is that blogging is a part of your business and it has a specific role in online marketing. As you will discover later on in this ebook, it is essential that blogging becomes a part of the overall planning, to be incorporated and coordinated with other segments of your business, to ensure the highest performance.


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