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How To Avoid Email Inbox Spamming

If there is one thing that has become so annoying to me as a person, it is this process of receiving unwanted emails in my inbox. I do not know about you. I do receive these emails every day. They are so annoying. At times, I do wonder how these people got my email address. You can’t beat it, there are some people who receive your email legally and they turn back and sell your emails and your phone numbers. It is so annoying but it seems we can not stop it. In this article, I really want to talk about how we can stop email inbox spamming. Follow me as we are going to talk about this in this article. 



What is Spamming?

Spamming is the use of email systems to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately overloading the user’s inbox as you do that. 
Spam email may contain malicious computer programs such as viruses and Trojans. According to Symantec, spam makes up 89.1% of all email traffic. That means the sending and receiving of spam emails is a serious issue. 


There are six things that you can do as counter-measure 



#1 Avoid opening 

One of the very first things that you need to be aware of is that you should never open spam emails when it comes to your inbox. You should always delete them immediately. The reason is that some of these spam emails contain links that if opened can introduce malware to your device. That is why you should avoid opening spam emails like a plague. 


#2 Use Spam Filter 

Also, another means of safeguarding yourself again spam email is to make use of spam filters. Although email provider like Gmail has done this categorization for us. They have their own algorithms that help to prevent some unwanted emails from coming to your inbox. You need to check these once in a way in order to be sure that there are no force positives. But this only happens on a few occasions.


#3 Never follow the link in spam messages 

In addition, just like I have said earlier you should not open links in spam messages. I also want to advise you that you should never be tempted to follow links in email messages that are being sent from an unknown person. It is very possible that the email was sent by any hacker who is trying to have access to your personal information. No matter how good the message is, do not be tempted to click on links that come with unwanted emails. Never do that. 


#4 Report as spam 

When it comes to email security, it has to be a collective responsibility for all. There is a need for you as a user to check whatever emails that come into your inbox. You should always take it as a duty to report all spam email that comes into your inbox. This will allow those platforms to tag those emails as spam. It will allow the email from such recipients to go into the spam folder in the future. 


#5 Never use official email 

Also, you have to be very careful not to use official email when you are registering on any public platform in the future. You should be more careful when you have the feeling that such an email platform is not too secure. This will prevent a situation where your email ended up falling into the wrong hand. You should be guarded. 


#6 Use a different email

Just like I told you that you should not use your official email to signup anywhere. I need to also tell you that when you have to comment on public forums or platforms, you should never use your official email address. You should have a dedicated email that you will be using for such a purpose. You need to ensure that you are not using such email for financial transactions or anything relating to your business. 


Hoax Email

Hoax emails are email messages warning users about non-existent threats. Users are also warned about the adverse effect of not forwarding such emails to others to warn them about threats. 


Scam Email

A scam email asks for personal information such as bank account details, credit card numbers, passwords, and other sensitive information from recipients. 
The sender of scam emails may also ask the recipient to forward the email to everyone on his or her contact list as well.


Action Point
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I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.


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