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Quitting 9 to 5 Jobs: What You Should Do Before Quitting

One of the most frightening days of your life will be the day you quit your job and decide you want to be on your own.
Then you will realize that there are no more end-of-the-month salaries, and your income will go to zero immediately.
Being mentally ready for this journey is more than getting your skills and ideas together.
You have to be mentally ready and know that there are some things you will have to let go for the meantime…
Often times you will go broke,
You will feel lonely,
There will be so many sleepless nights,

You might want to give up and at times it feels like your head is so full that you need some days off…
Your income will fluctuate a lot.

Your circle might change a little and you might not be able to flow with your usual lifestyle with friends
But most importantly, you have to be mentally ready to take all this and more…
Got deals with Adidas, Pepsi, Mastercard, earned over $50m in endorsement deals alone.
The key to being great at something is consistency.
Lionel Messi is consistent and perseveres.

He didn’t work hard for just one year or give up the first year he didn’t win the Ballon d’Or, he’s been on top for 12 years.
As a young kid, he had countless medical issues. He left his home when he was 13 to move halfway across the world.

Leo showed up to practice first and left practice last. And he never gave up when things didn’t go his way.

YOU get discouraged after a few bad days or after things don’t turn out how you want them too.
Being an entrepreneur takes time and hard work for long periods of time before you even see results.

Unless you only want your business to be around for a bit and then fade away. Building something that stays on top for years takes time.
So don’t get distracted when you friends or other entrepreneurs “make it big” quick. I promise you that what they build won’t last and they certainly aren’t learning as much as you are on your journey.
Don’t get distracted by their success and certainly don’t get distracted by all the stuff they buy.
Don’t think that you are doing something wrong and need to get into their lane. Stay in your lane and persevere.

Keep your head down and don’t get distracted by shiny objects or people making quick money. What you are building will put you on top for years.
Messi’s story inspires me alot and I learn alot from his success, I hope you can stay consistent and stubborn to your goals also.

Quick results, quick fixes, quick cash-ins… they just don’t exist in the entrepreneurial world.

In the entrepreneurial world, overnight success happens in approximately 4-13 years. And “success” looks different for everyone.
As you navigate through entrepreneurial waters, it’s important to define “success” for yourself in terms of the “end game.”

Maybe the end game for you is to earn x amount of money per year.

Or maybe it’s to not have to hustle as hard to get new clients or sponsors…
Or maybe it’s to not work 10-12 hour days and have the freedom to only work 5 hour days while still generating enough income to pay all of your bills.
Or maybe it’s to build a business that you can fire yourself from and live your remaining days on a beach.

Whatever your “end game” is, it’s also important to understand that failure comes along with success. They are married. They travel together and they are basically best friends.
The more success you have, typically the more failures you’ll experience along the way. Those failures are what help teach you what you need to know to keep yourself moving toward your end game.

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or a seasoned one, know that you’re exactly in the timeline of success you’re meant to be in right at this moment.


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